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Reliance Communication Ventures spreads BPO Operations

Reliance Communication Ventures spreads BPO Operations

Reliance Communications Ltd, is planning for a big spreading out of its business process outsourcing (BPO) operations over the next two years, aiming to go with huge amount of employees in such operations.

Reliance BPO provides multi-lingual support in voice and back office services to clients in telecom, banking, financial services, insurance, utilities and other industries. The firm plans a geographic expansion of the BPO operations as well.

Considering company’s incorporation chart and listing date’s chart, Ganesha says that Rahu is transiting over Natal Sun from eleventh house and Saturn is transiting from fifth house. Jupiter, being a lord of twelth house is transiting from ninth house may provide betterment regarding foreign affairs. This project is 2-3 months older and it shall take speed from now onwards. Reliance Communication Ventures has given satisfied results to its investors and speculators since its listing. However, it has been affected by minor bearish cycles but overall outcome is satisfactory.

Ganesha feels that when transiting Ketu will meet Natal Saturn in fourth house company shall have better advantage regarding its fixed assets as well as headquarter. It can be beneficiated by new government policies also. Special economic zone (SEZ) shall be coming up near company’s headquarter.

Ganesha sees Reliance Communication Ventures with a better future in forthcoming year. It shall give more satisfactory results to investors and speculators. It shall make all targets achieved during the transit of Saturn from fifth house. Transiting Jupiter will make benefic aspect on transiting Saturn in fifth house shall enhance the benefic results.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,