Planets and Crude Oil Market Outlook


Oil rates have been cause of concern for USA. Prices have been like
'never seen before'. This has not only shaken the USA but many other
countries too. There has been lot of speculation on this by
Astrologers and market analysts. Ganesha would like to throw light on
the subject with help of Astrology.


Oil is primarily ruled by Sign Pisces. It being liquid, planetary
movements in Watery Signs would have more influence on it. As per
Western Astrology System, Mars is transiting through Cancer at
present. On 18th
March 2008, prices of Crude Oil were very high. Interesting point to
observe is, 18 number is ruled by Mars being total of 9. Complete
total of the day was 22. Number two is ruled by Moon and it is
repeated twice here. If we boil this down to single digit, it comes
to 4 which is ruled by Uranus. So Mars and Uranus played Major role
as per Numerology too. Uranus is passing through Pisces at present so
we have seen major activities in the oil markets with Mars in Cancer
and Uranus in Pisces.

future of Crude Oil

to 26th
April 2008 there may be major change in the trend of Crude Oil
prices, states Ganesha. This is because Mars and Uranus will form
Trine Aspect with each other. AstroTechnically speaking, Trine
aspects are liable for bearish trend but natural malefic planets are
responsible for bullish trend. Mercury and Venus both would have
crossed Pisces within first week of April 2008. Sun will be in Aries.
In such case, major influence on Watery Signs would be of Uranus and
Mars. In such case, Ganesha's analysis says that crude oil is to
reach climax in the month of April. Throughout the month we may see
bullish trend barring some minor bearish moments. After 26th
April 2008 prices may start going down a bit but it may come down
noticeably only after 10th
May 2008, says Ganesha.

wishes all the good luck to Oil Traders.


N. Pattni
GaneshaSpeaks Team