Parsvnath Developers to start construction project at Shirdi in February 2008


Parsvnath Developers Ltd has announced that the Company has been awarded the construction contract of Sai Ashram at Shirdi in Maharashtra. The work has been awarded by Shirdi Sai Trust, Chennai, and the managing trustee being Mr. K V Ramani. With an approximate contract value of Rs 90 crore, the Company will construct Dormitories Blocks, Residential Blocks and an Open Air Theatre Restaurant Blocks, Security Rooms in the Ashram which is spread over a built up area of approximately 10 Lac sq. ft. The ashram will provide comfortable stay to Sai Baba devotees visiting the pilgrimage.

Astrological Analysis

Company was originally incorporated on July 24, 1990, says Ganesha. The company has Cancer rising Ascendant with deposition of Mercury, Sun, Ketu and Jupiter in first house. Moon and Venus are posited in second and twelfth house respectively. Mars is in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, says Ganesha. Transiting Jupiter is passing through sixth house. The placement of Jupiter in this house yields benefic results. The work culture is greatly improved and it registers sizable increase in the outputs. The management shows magnanimity towards the employees raising their salaries and other benefits. But on the other hand, Ganesha sees transit of Saturn and Ketu from second house. It may cause trouble in wealth accumulation as well as wealth distribution. But it may not be so much harmful because of the benefic aspect of Jupiter.


The project will be initiated within the month of February 2008 and the work will be completed within 21 months from the date of commencement of construction. Their may be crucial situation during May 2008 and June 2008 due to the transit of Mars and Ketu. But on the other hand, Ganehsa advises all the investors and speculators that the prices of shares may touch new heights after bearing some corrections. Investors will get more satisfactory gains during 2008, feels Ganesha.

Ganesha wishes that the company achieves success in this project.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,

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