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Parsvnath Developers launches Precious Apartments & Parsvnath Mall in Jamnagar

Parsvnath Developers launches Precious Apartments & Parsvnath Mall in Jamnagar

Parsvnath Developers Limited is a leading real estate developer in India has a PAN – India presence and an experience of more than 17 years in offering state of the art construction in 49 cities and 17 states with across key verticals of real estate industry. It is the most diversified and widespread real estate developer in India with 108 ongoing projects with a developable area of over 209.75 mn sq.ft.

The company was incorporated on July 24, 1990 under the Companies Act, 1956. The Parsvnath Group is a buoyant conglomeration of companies endowed with impeccable foresight, enviable expertise and innate acumen providing cost effective and holistic solutions to the Real Estate & Construction World.

Parsvnath Precious and Parsvnath Mall is located on Jamnagar Khambalia highway in Jamnagar and offers residential and commercial facilities designed for customers. The site is well connected with all major and important destinations in and around Jamnagar. With rising disposable incomes and aspirational levels of residents of Jamnagar, increasing corporate activity and the various unique attributes of the city have given a tremendous thrust to the real estate market in the city.

Parsvnath Developers Ltd has announced the launch of its first integrated group housing and commercial mall project in Jamnagar. The launch was marked with the bhoomipujan at the site, located on Jamnagar Khambalia highway.

With this Parsvnath has embarked upon its first offering in Jamnagar. The project is being developed on total land area of 13,200 sq. mtrs. with an expected realization value of Rs 120 crore spread over thee financial years.

The company has Cancer rising Ascendant with deposition of Mercury, Sun, Ketu and Jupiter in first house. Moon and Venus are posited in second and twelfth house respectively. Mars is in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius, says Ganesha.

Yogakaraka Mars will finish its transit from 12th house after April 2008, says Ganesha. Mars, being the lord of 5th and 10th house is very important in judging the company’s progress. During the May and June 2008, it will be transiting with Ketu from its debilitated sign. So, Ganesha feels that during the transit of Mars from Cancer, the company may spread its capital in finishing the raw tasks. But during the transit of Mars from Leo the Company can have better scenario in finishing the targeted jobs. Transiting Jupiter is passing through sixth house. The placement of Jupiter in this house yields benefic results.

Ganesha sees that during the August and September 2008, Company can have some trouble due to its partners or dissatisfaction among top level employees. But there is no doubt to say that the Company can achieve all heights in forthcoming periods.

Ganesha’s wishes are with Parsvnath Developers. May it achieve heights of glory and success!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,