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Natarajan Chandrasekaran Astrological Future Predictions

Natarajan Chandrasekaran Astrological Future Predictions

The name of Tata Sons Chairman Natarajan Chandrasekaran is known for his ability, leadership ability and a person who delivers results. Born to a farmer in Tamil Nadu, Chandrasekaran earned a master’s degree in computer application from the National Institute of Technology Trichy. He joined TCS in the year 1987. In the year 2009, he took over the command of TCS as CEO and MD. Under his leadership, he made TCS with an income of Rs 30,000 crore and a company with an income of Rs 1 lakh. TCS’s profits tripled under his leadership. Natarajan Chandrasekaran is well-versed in working with and synergizing international customers. He was also honoured with many big awards. Considering these talents of his, he was entrusted with an important responsibility. Yes, he was elected as the new Chairman of Tata Group in January 2017 to regain the old reputation of the company due to the conflict between Tata Group Management and Cyrus Mistry. He became the first chairman who had no family ties to the $103 billion Tata Group, nor is he from the Parsi community, whereas to date the former chairman of this group has been elected from this community. So let’s know from Ganeshji that from the astrological point of view Chandrasekaran’s stars will be able to make him successful in this important post of chairman, will the company touch new dimensions of success under his leadership, let’s know the answer to all these questions in this article:

Natarajan Chandrasekaran
Date of Birth: January 01, 1963
Birth Time: Unknown
Place of Birth: Mohanur, Tamil Nadu (India)

Surya Kundli

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After analyzing Chandrasekaran’s Surya Kundli, Ganesha found that the Sun in his Kundli is in Sagittarius. This aspect drives them to take aggressive decisions. This indicates that they may do their level best to control some of the issues that have emerged in the Tata group after the Cyrus group’s expulsion. Also, Mars is placed in Leo in his horoscope, which enables Chandrasekaran to do quick work. The relationship between Sun and Mars is very good in his horoscope. Do you want to know how planets will affect your career? Buy career prospect report and get guidance for this.

The combination of Moon and Jupiter in Chandrasekaran’s Kundli enables him to take big decisions. This configuration of planets also gives them a wider perspective, so as a result they and the company can get financial benefits. From the astrological point of view, this combination is known as Gajakesari Yoga, which is important.

In Chandrasekaran’s horoscope, Saturn transiting from January 27, 2017, to June 20, 2017, will remain in Sagittarius. And the effect of Saturn can be confusing for Chandrasekaran, that is, due to its influence, many times he will be in a state of confusion or trouble while taking any decision. On the other hand, the management may ask them to take strict action. But for some reason, Chandrasekaran may be unable to take action. If they take strict action it can damage their reputation. That way they will have difficulty in both situations.

In Chandrasekaran’s horoscope, Saturn will be retrograde in Scorpio from June 21, 2017, to August 26, 2017. The effect of retrograde Saturn may compel Chandrasekaran to make decisions regarding the liabilities of the company. His decision can prove to be a turning point for future progress. Do you want to know how will be your financial position in the year 2023? So buy the 2023 Finance Report and get the answer.

Thus, after analyzing the positions of all the planets in Chandrasekharan’s horoscope, Ganesha found that performing in this new role could not be easy for Chandrasekharan. He may have to face many challenges, which may be difficult for Chandrasekaran to handle. In short, the crown he is wearing is full of thorns, so he has to take every step carefully.

With the blessings of Ganeshji,
Dharmesh Joshi