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Markets in volatile mood

Markets in volatile mood

If we talk about August 07 and September 07 Share Market, forthcoming months can be extremely crucial. Correction might continue for long time but there is no need to get tensed, as the condition will improve for sure, by the Grace of Ganesha.

Sun will be transiting through Cancer between 17th July 2007 and 17th August 2007. This might prove harmful for the market. After this, Sun is entering Leo, which is also not a good sign. Market may try to become stable this time around.

If we consider Capricorn Ascendant for BSE India, 5th house and 10th house Lord is Venus, which will be transiting through the 8th house. In such case, chances of `crash’ are very high.

Between 30th July 2007 and 3rd August 2007, NIFTY might open near surface and after moving a little upwards might maintain down surface. After this, it may hold a highly down trend between 11.30 and 13.30 and might close in a negative zone in the end.

Between 6th August 2007 and 10th August 2007, NIFTY might open in a negative zone but gradually move upwards creating V shape. After this, it may hold bearish trend till 14.00 and might suddenly bring the market down. However, it may try to bring the market up in the end. This week might prove dark horse.

Between 13th August 2007 and 17th August 2007, NIFTY might remain flat or slightly down. It may also hold a bullish trend and create panic. Traders are advised to stay away from the market and go ahead with trading more carefully and watchfully. It might try to bring marginal up surface in the end. Money loss is indicated this week.

Between 20th August 2007 and 24th August 2007, NIFTY might open near surface and create lots of electric waves. This period is also beneficial for intraday trading and jobbing. It might come down and move up step by step. The movement of FII might increase in the market. This might make the market volatile.

Between 27th August 2007 and 31st August 2007, NIFTY might open and close in upper surface. But it might become slow and try to touch down surface many times during the week. Avail Investment Advice And Take Smarter Decisions

Between 3rd September 2007 and 7th September 2007, NIFTY might maintain a down surface with opening, feels Ganesha. Trading might prove dangerous in the starting if you do not follow the trend. You might lose all your earnings, warns Ganesha. The time is highly unpredictable. Invest money in scripts which are beneficial in the long run. Otherwise, recovery might take a lot of time.

Between 10th September 2007 and 14th September 2007, NIFTY might open in flat surface but might try to go up in the end. Patience while trading might bring good gains. You should trade carefully at 10.30 and 13.00. Buying at low prices and selling at high prices would be helpful. However, this week is crucial if you overtrade.

Between 24th September 2007 and 28th September 2007, NIFTY might open and close in up surface. It might create a W shape above the surface after 13.00, feels Ganesha. Do not try to go opposite market trend.

Summarily, Ganesha finds the said periods to be highly active and interesting for all traders. Guidelines given above will surely help decide the right modus operandi.

Ganesha wishes all the Good Luck to all the traders and brokers.

When moon is in the following signs, it will create some effects which can be seen below:

Aries Down Market might remain slightly down.
Taurus Up It might remain marginal up.
Gemini Up It might remain slightly marginal up.
Cancer Down It may go down with fewer margins.
Leo Up It might go up with good margin.
Virgo Up It might go up with good margin.
Libra Up It might remain up with fewer margins.
Scorpio Up It might remain up with fewer margins.
Sagittarius Up It might remain on average up surface.
Capricorn Down It might remain down with fewer margins.
Aquarius Up It might remain up with good margin.
Pisces Up It might remain average on up surface.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,