Is The Tata Motors Share Worth Investing In Future?

Is The Tata Motors Share Worth Investing In Future?

Investors are full of enthusiasm vis-a-vis Tata Motors shares. In the last 12 months alone, the investors of Tata Motors have made profits of more than 200 per cent. In the post-pandemic phase, Tata Motors shares have grown undisturbed and unhindered. The price of Tata Motors on Oct 12, 2020, was Rs 135 and it has risen to Rs 417 on Oct 12, 2021.

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For a company in the automobile industry, it’s important that Venus, Mars and Saturn should be strong and in a favourable position. In the birth chart (kundli) of Tata Motors, Venus and Mars are together.

At the same time, Saturn is in the house of Luck and in its lowly sign, Aries. In the coming time, from 19-11-2021 to 19-01-2022, Tata Motors stock will be mixed to soft. After that, from 20-01-2022 to 02-03-2022, this share may go up.

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