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Inr vs usd rupee vs dollar currency exchange

Our rupee is constantly fluctuating and reaching a new high. Sometimes due to the fall in the rupee, sometimes due to the rise, a lot has been talked about the functioning of the current government. Economists have cited demonetisation and GST as the reason for the fall of the rupee. According to the report released by the World Economic Forum a few days ago, due to some good steps taken by Modi, India has made a sharp jump in the ranking. India has been ranked 40th in the list of 137 countries in the report. Now if we take a look at the horoscope of India, then Ganesha considers the current ups and downs of the rupee as just the beginning. Some stability is expected in the coming days.

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Horoscope of India

Launch of Rupee Symbol – Surya Kundli

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On studying the launch chart of India and Rupee separately, Ganesha says that the launch date of the new symbol of Rupee i.e. logo was not correct. This date was 15 July 2010. This Surya Kundli has been launched according to this date. The ascendant of Sun Kundli is Gemini. Its lord Mercury is in the second house. Sun and Ketu are together. The second house is ruled by Moon, which is ruled by Ketu. Sun and Moon are under the influence of Ketu. Ganeshji says that stock trading and speculation should work only after a better strategy. Don’t worry yourself for any problem, make life simple by talking to our experts.

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What will happen next?

On analyzing the horoscopes in detail, Ganesh ji throws light on these main points-

In the period of Chandra-Guru-Guru Antardasha i.e. from 10-08-2018 to 14-10-2018, the position of the rupee will go somewhere supportive and only after that it will get strength. Moon-Guru-Saturn dasha i.e. from 14-10-2018 to 30-12-2018 is a bit slow and boring face where you have to make positions considering long term. Moon-Guru-Mercury Dasha i.e. the period from 30-12-2018 to 09-03-2019 and beyond is absolutely unstable and unpredictable time. The reason is that during this time the support of the planets will not be available. So, stay away from the market as much as you can.

Conclusion of Ganesha

Ganeshji advises to keep as much cash as possible during the period from 08-03-2019 to 25-01-2020. This period will go somewhere quite volatile and unpredictable for both the rupee and the country. We are giving you this prediction from the year of 2018. Due to the reversal of planets, there is a possibility of change in 2000 note once again from 05-02-2021 to 12-02-2021. But, let this time pass. In this year, if you play carefully, you can get a good amount of money.

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With the blessings of Ganeshji,
Acharya Dharmadhikari