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ICSA wind power project energized by NEDCAP approval

ICSA wind power project energized by NEDCAP approval

Innareddy Computer Software Associates, ICSA India Ltd, is the company which has developed innovative products in the field of Energy Audit, Energy Management and control applications. Headquartered at Hyderabad, the company provides software development services and technology solutions for the power, telecommunication and other sectors.

The Board of Non-Conventional Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh Ltd (NEDCAP) has approved the request of ICSA India Ltd to set up a 20 MW Capacity Wind power project in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.

Astrological Analysis:
Ganesha observes Capricorn rising ascendant with deposition of Mars, Sun, Venus in the first house. Saturn and Mercury are in the second house. Moon is in Virgo whereas Jupiter is in Libra. Rahu and Pluto are in Scorpio.

Rahu has entered into the first house from April-May, 2008, says Ganesha. Sun and Venus are transiting from the sixth house. Location of Venus in the sixth house produces favorable results especially for workers. It denotes improvement in the conditions of the working class. It also brings increments in their emoluments, feels Ganesha. Sun attracts good aspects from the benefic planets; all the significations of the the sixth house get fructified. The transit of Jupiter in the twelfth house is good, but not now, because transiting Jupiter is retrograde. After the first quarter of September, 2008 it can get expansion, all big and high budgeted plans will progress well, says Ganesha.

What Next?
The phase after September 08, 2008, is very profitable for Company due to the direct motion of transiting Jupiter.

Ganesha feels that all the significations of the sixth house get fructified.

Overall planetary transit will enhance the revenues and shall reduce the income tax burden of the Company, feels Ganesha.

Price Study:
Short Term: Sell
Mid-Term: Sell
Long-Term: Hold

Conclusion: Favourable results are foreseen for the work force of the company. The period after September 2008 looks auspicious for expansion. The income tax burden on the company may subside considering the overall planetary transit.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,