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Hutch turning Vodafone – Fate and Future

Hutch turning Vodafone – Fate and Future

On 20th September 2007, one of the biggest takeovers in Indian Markets happened. On all Star Network Channels we could see Vodafone’s advertisement. It is a very interesting event astrologically too.

Ganesha observes that at the time of the takeover, Aries Ascendant was rising. Aries indicates initiation. The Decanate rising at the time of takeover was Leo, which being fixed sign indicates stability and success. Mercury – the planet that signifies communication is placed in the sixth house of employees. It is in sign of exaltation and it is Vargottami and thus powerful. This indicates that they will be able to do very good business with the help of hard working, research oriented and progressive employees. However, they might have to spend more money to hold some of the employees back. Moon is in Sagittarius in the house of luck. It is in Anyo Anya Neecha Yoga with Jupiter. This indicates that Vodafone might have to concentrate quite a bit on this business in India and might also have to spend good money behind the whole process of restructuring the business.

Best factor is, Venus rules the house of finance in the horoscope of takeover. Dasha of Venus is ruling till June 2026. Venus is in Cancer in 4th house. Ganesha feels that Vodafone will be able to do this business successfully and will also accumulate good wealth out of this business. Third quarter of 2008, to be specific July 2008 is likely to be tough time for Vodafone and they can expect some changes in their financial or organizational structure in the said period.

As per Chaldean Numerology System, Vodafone totals down to 7, the Number ruled by Negative Moon, Ketu or Neptune. The date of takeover is heavily influenced by Positive Moon because date is 20th which totals down to 2 and complete total of the date 20-09-2007 is also 2. Moon is fast moving planet which indicates very good business for mobile phone companies. It is positioned in the house of Luck in the horoscope of takeover. Neptune and Moon both signify liquidity. Ganesha feels that because Vodafone’s name which is influenced by Negative Moon is compensated by double influence of Positive Moon, this company will be able to generate good money with new ideas and policies. This company may expect their employees to work harder but pay scales will also be satisfactory or better.

From November 2007, they will be able to do better business and customers may also be benefited. Their customer delight programmes will be very innovative and interesting. Exactly third year starting from 20th September 2007 may be little difficult for the company where in Vodafone (India) can expect radical changes in the organization.

Summarily, future of Vodafone seems bright in India. Ganesha welcomes Vodafone and wishes good luck for business and prosperity in India.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,