Gautam Adani- great future in 2008

A man of tremendous foresight, the dynamic and enterprising Gautam S Adani has over 24 years of varied experience in manufacturing and trading. He joined the family business of trading in textiles in the early eighties while completing his education. In his horoscope, Jupiter and Moon are in Aquarius sign.

Moon Chart

This is forming Gajkesriyoga, which is beneficial for wealth. Due to Gajkesry yoga, he has lots of capital and assets. Moreover, Mars is powerful which is placed in second house from Moon. Having Mars in Aries, his actions are fast and he gets result soon in business. Mars gives tremendous energy, which is essential to become a powerful and successful businessman. He generally gets things done, and makes fast and (usually) judicious decisions. The position of Mars denotes new idea, pioneering action. Saturn, which is the significator of textile, is Swagruhi in his chart. Thus, he is successful in textile field. At present, he is blessed from transiting Jupiter, which is passing through eleventh house of fulfilment. Hence his own wealth is now touching Rs 46,332 crore ($11.64 billion), His personal wealth was valued at only $6.7 billion when the Forbes list came out. Now, Adani has zoomed past Kumarmangalam Birla, chairman of one of India's oldest business conglomerate, Aditya Birla Group. Birla, with a personal wealth of $11 billion was ranked 9th in the list.

Navamansh chart: Powerful Mercury, Jupiter and Mars.

He has the positive influence of Mercury. Hence, he has a very complex and mobile spirit. He can analyse and understand several situations at the same time or find very different solutions to a given problem. Mercury is the significator of business and Jupiter denotes finance. Both planets are favourable in his chart. Thus he can maintain good relationship in business and this is the powerful reason for his success. The powerful position of Mercury in Navamansh chart indicates that he is quick-witted. He will achieve success in all types of ventures. Investment in real estate, petroleum, telecom, banking and building materiel would be fruitful for him. He will get a great height in next coming year. He will acquire new position and money in the career as well as business or profession. Next year will me more beneficial and fruitful than current year.

Ganesha's Grace
Nikunj Suthar,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team