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Ganesha foresees the Union Budget 2012-13 to be full of ifs and buts.

Ganesha foresees the Union Budget 2012-13 to be full of ifs and buts.

Hon’ble Union Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee will present the Union Budget for the year 2012-13 in the Parliament on 16/03/2012. The Budget will take into account the available resources and will aim at raising the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate to new heights. Expectations are always high from the Union Budget, but this year the expectations are even higher due to an exemplary increase in inflation as well as a widening fiscal deficit. Like every year, this year too, people are eagerly awaiting the annual Budget announcement. As usual, there is a lot of hope and anticipation among the common man. People will expect the government to give some relief in the existing policies.

A number of reasons, such as the fiscal deficit suggested in the monetary policy of RBI, measures to control inflation, so that the GDP growth rate is maintained and does not go below 7%, measures to control the interest rate etc. are responsible for the current financial problems of India. Besides, high government expenditure, unsustainable subsidies and steep interest payments have added to this burden. Will Finance Minister be able to stand up to the hopes of millions of Indians? Well, this question will be answered on 16th March, 2012, when the the Union Budget 2012-13 shall be presented in the Indian Parliament. On that day, it will be disclosed whether the Union Budget 2012-13 will favour or frustrate the common man.

Looking at the business and trade of India and the date and time when the Budget is going to be presented, Ganesha puts forward some astrological observations. Unless the government brings down the existing fiscal deficit, it’s unlikely that the growing inflation will stop any time soon. The task is
monumental, and the government needs to reduce the revenue-expenditure gap. The common man also would expect sops and tax cuts from this Budget. Ganesha too anticipates that this year’s Union Budget will boost the floundering economy by fixing infrastructure, generating rural employment and providing further incentives to recession-hit sectors. Ganesha also expects the government to control and bring down expenditure, which is vital for bridging the fiscal and trade deficit.

When the Union Budget will be presented, Saturn will be in the exalted zodiac sign Libra and Mercury will be in the debilitated zodiac sign Pisces. Moreover, Mars, Saturn and Mercury are going to be retrograde. Astrologically speaking, the planets are going to form a unique combination on this day.

Our reference point while doing any reading on a major national event shall be India’s natal chart on India’s independence day. Now, as per the natal chart and horoscope of the independent India on 15th August 1947, India’s ascendant is Taurus. Also, Sun is in the 3rd House in the zodiac sign Cancer. However, natal Sun shall be transiting through the zodiac sign Pisces, on the day when the Union Budget will be presented. There is a possibility that this day at the Parliament will be full of aggressive debate and discussion as a proposal to change the Income Tax Act and put the Direct Tax Act in practice is likely to be presented before the Parliament.

In spite of the Opposition’s criticism, the Hon’ble Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukhraji will try their best to prepare and present a development oriented budget. However, they will not be appreciated for their efforts. Also, 4 out of 9 planets are going to be in unfavourable Houses on this day. Thus, the natal planets are going to be somewhat weak on that day. This means that the Finance Minister would follow a defensive strategy, but at the same time, he would make efforts to maintain the growth rate.

On that day, India will be transiting in Rahu’s Maha dasha, in Rahu’s Aantar dasha and Jupiter’s Pratyantar dasha. Moreover, the Shadashtak Adashtak Yoga is getting formed between Rahu and Jupiter, which is going to disturb Jupiter. In India’s Natal chart, Jupiter is the Ashtmesh and Labhesh, therefore, the time would only tell whether people of India would actually be able to make the most of this Union Budget or not.

Moreover, the Lord of Jupiter’s Pratyantar dasha is transiting from its own sign, Pisces, to the House of Sagittarius. As a result, education would become cheaper, but higher education would increase the burden on the national treasury. The overall Budget would be a balanced and safe one, but it would be difficult to understand in its totality. It may have some influences of matters related to inheritance, foresees Ganesha.

Let’s have a look at some of the major sectors. We will try to adopt an astrological perspective, while doing so, in order to understand the situation in a much better way :

Information Technology (IT)
As per the Kundali of independent India, Sun is the Lord of the 4th House and it is in the 3rd House in the zodiac sign Cancer. On the day of the Budget presentation, the natal Sun is transiting through zodiac sign Pisces in Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra (constellation) with debilitated Mercury in the House of gains. This suggests that software companies working for the software and finance of the Banks’ infrastructure are likely to be in focus.

Automobile Sector
Mercury and Venus are associated with the Automobile sector. Recently, the crude oil prices in the international market have distinctly gone up. In India’s Natal chart, Mercury is the Lord of the 2nd and the 5th House. On the day of the Budget presentation, Mercury will be retrograde and with Sun in the 11th House, in the debilitated sign Pisces and will be transiting through the constellation of Saturn. Venus, in India’s Kundali, is the ascendant and the Lord of the 6th House. Venus, on the day of the Budget, is transiting through the House of loss and also from its own constellation, Bharini. However, in the Navmansh Kundali, it will be transiting through the debilitated sign, Virgo. Therefore, the Automobile secotrs may not have any direct and favourable influence of the Budget. However, the Finance Minister may induce some positive movements in the aforesaid sector, foresees Ganesha. The future of the Automobile sector looks set to be promising. But, overall, the Union Budget 2012-13 will neither benefit nor harm the Automobile industry.

The Pharmaceutical sector is represented by the Sun. In India’s Natal chart, Sun is in the 3rd House, in the zodiac sign Cancer. On the day of the Union Budget 2012-13, the natal Sun is transiting through the zodiac sign Pisces and constellation of Jupiter. As a result, the Pharmaceutical sector will experience some powerful and long-term influence of the Budget. Moreover, in the upcoming Union Budget, businesses related to the production and R&D (research and development) of medicines for liver, diabetes, pituitary gland, blood disorders and circulation, obesity, heart enlargement are going to be in focus. Apart from these, vaccines and bulk drugs are also likely to be in focus.

As per Vedic astrology, Mercury represents the Banking sector. In India’s Natal chart, Mercury is in the 3rd House, in the zodiac sign Cancer. On 16/03/2012, natal Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, the sign of Jupiter, and is transiting through the 11th House. Moreover, it will be moving through Saturn’s constellation. This movement may prove to be challenging for the Banking sector, as retail loan, deposit rates, rise in savings deposit rate, and
property valuation may get affected by it. However, the sector itself is going through a favourable phase, there are chances that a proposal to increase the numbers of branches and ATM machines will be put before the Parliament. The Finance Minister may concentrate on the performance of Public Sector Unit (PSU) banks and insurance sector in the upcoming Union Budget, notes Ganesha. When, during the course of the year ahead, Mercury gets disturbed, this sector may experience its negative consequences. But, overall, there will be no major highs or lows in the Banking Sector, foretells Ganesha.

Infrastructure-Cement and Real Estate
This sector is ruled by Mars. In India’s Kundali, Mars is in the 2nd House, in the zodiac sign Gemini. On the day when the Union Budget is going to be presented, natal Mars is going to be retrograde in the 4th House and in the constellation of Venus. The planetary position is likely to lessen the benefits that Infrastructure-Cement and Real Estate sector business should get otherwise or the corporate companies associated with this sector would express their disappointment about the business. In the Cement industry, the burden on the cost of raw material is likely to increase, and therefore the government may have to increase the fuel cost by 8 to 10 rupees per 50 Kg. bag. To sum it up, Ganesha says that the Cement sector may go through difficult times during 2012-2013.

Metal and steel
Saturn and Mars represent the Metal and Steel sector. These two planets are in a retrograde motion on the day when the Union Budget is going to be presented before the Parliament. Whenever a planet is in retrograde motion, its basic characteristics and elements behave/react in a uneven pattern. Therefore, as far as this sector is concerned, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee is likely to give some odd and perplexing results.

Venus represents the field of entertainment. Venus is the Lord of the ascendant and the 6th House, and is transiting through the 12th House in its own constellation, Bharini. But, in the Navmansh Kundali, it is in the debilitated sign Virgo. This suggests that the Radio industry will maintain its growth rate. Moreover, companies related to broadcasting are also likely to get benefit by such a planetary position. Ganesha foresees that the Finance Minister is
likely to implements new policies for new television channels. The growth in this industry is likely to be more quantitative than qualitative. While forming the policies for this sector, revenue generation in the main Indian languages, circulation income, printing cost, and average cost are also likely to be considered, foretells Ganesha.

The Telecom industry is still in the clutches of 2G spectrum scam, and it ha been an interesting period. Coming back to astrology – the Telecom sector is ruled by Mercury, which is the Lord of the 2nd and the 5th House. In the Natal chart of India, Mercury is in the 3rd House. On 16th March, when the Union Budget is going to be presented, natal Mercury is going to be retrograde and debilitated Pisces and in the constellation of Saturn. Therefore, expect a number of unexpected changes to happen in this sector, says Ganesha. The Indian government is likely to focus on following matters. Network

  • expansion
  • Rural telephony
  • Reduce urban-rural digital divide from present 25:1 to 5:1.
  • Broadband connection with minimum speed of 1 mbps.
  • Broadband coverage for all secondary and higher secondary schools and public health care centres.
  • Making India a hub for Telecom manufacturing.
  • R&D, Pre-eminence of India as a technology solution provider.
  • Facilitating availability of adequate international bandwidth at competitive prices to drive ITES sector at faster growth.

Therefore, if we look at the Telecom sector with a long-term perspective, the condition looks favourable. The Finance Minister is likely to present a reform-based and performance oriented budget for this sector. In short, the coming year is likely to be positive for the Telecom industry.

Fertilizers, Pesticides and Agriculture
Rahu and Ketu represent this sector. In India’s Birth chart, Rahu is in the ascendant, and therefore this sector always remains in the news. On the day of the Union Budget presentation, natal Rahu is transiting over Ketu and natal Ketu is transiting over Rahu. So, overall, the Budget may prove to be encouraging for this sector, foretells Ganesha.

Paper Industries
Due to the policies made by the Finance ministry, the price per ton may increase, and as a result, the companies related this industry may also have to change their prices. Although not all the stocks will bear the impact of this, but some particular shares will search for value.

Stock Market
On the day when the Union Budget 2012-2013 will be presented, the Stock Market and Mercury, the Lord of gains’ House, is retrograde in a debilitated Sign. However, Sun is with Mercury, and Mercury is forming an aspect with its own House. Therefore, in 2012-13, IPO related market would continue to create a hazy picture, predicts Ganesha. Besides, on March 16, 2012, Sun’s weightage and the day’s weightage, both are zero. And that’s not all, says Ganesha. As per the monthly graph, the weightage for the month of March is also zero. Therefore, the year and the current month look set to be volatile and unstable. You are advises to take the support of hedging, especially when the weightage is zero, says Ganesha, as the market becomes one-sided during such times. The following data will give you a clearer perspective on this.

Moreover, on March 16, 2012, Saturn will be exalted in Libra and Mercury will  be debilitated in Pisces. Apart from that, Mars, Saturn and Mercury
will be retrograde. This is how the three major planets are going to be in the day when the Union Budget is going to be presentation before the Parliament. Considering this unique combination of planets, Ganesha advises the investors to trade and tread carefully.

Here, Ganesha gives you a list of dates around which the times are likely to be highly volatile, fluctuating and unpredictable. Some undesirable events, such as earthquakes, tsunami, terrorist attacks, floods, etc. are likely to happen around these dates, and would clearly and directly affect the stock market.

The volatile, fluctuating and unpredictable dates are : 19-04-2012, 20-04-2012, 24-04-2012, 11-05-2012, 22-05-2012, 17-07-2012, 27-07-2012, 02-08-2012, 20-11-2012 and 25-12-2012.


Here are the dates around which the stock market is likely to be very active, full of ups and downs and extremely volatile.

21, 22,28,29

9, 10,11 13, 23

on which the stock market is likely to be highly fluctuating,
volatile and active in 2012

Very Active, Wide Fluctuation, Hi Volatile


14, 16, 21, 22, 28, 29

9, 10,11 13, 23

MAY 3,
4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 21, 22, 23, 29, 31

4, 5, 7, 21

3, 5 ,9, 10 , 24

, 8 ,16, 17, 23 , 24 , 29 30

, 17, 21, 24, 27 , 28

8, 9, 18 ,19

2, 22, 13 (Muhurat Trading), 15, 16, 29

13, 17, 24

Ganesha foretells that on 16/03/02012, Nifty will give you an opportunity to do jobbing. Rather than hoping and waiting for huge returns, make frequent entries and exits with minimum margin, advises Ganesha.

Till now, eleven times the Union Budget were presented in the month of March details of which are as below.


On 16/03/2012, Moon is in the Purvashadha constellation, in Sagittarius, which is a Fire sign.

Till now, nine times the current market budget were presented in a Fire sign i.e. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

  1. Out of which, seven times, the market was closed in negative and twice, it was closed in positive.
  2. Three out of four times, when it was in Sagittarius, the market was closed in negative and once it was closed in positive.
  3. Only once, the Budget was presented in Sagittarius and in Purvashadha constellation (29/07/1996), which was negative.

Following analysis and table shall give you an idea as to what had been the actual effect on the Budget day, and what had been the scenario the
following day.


Therefore, rather than F&O, you should buy and sell specific stocks as it would help you set off the loss of 2011-2012, advises Ganesha.

All the best.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team