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Ganesha foresees promising times ahead for FDI in India.

Ganesha foresees promising times ahead for FDI in India.

Starting from a baseline of less than $1 billion in 1990, India today is easily the second most important FDI destination in the world (after China) for transnational corporations (for the period of 2010 to 2012, as per a recent UNCTAD survey). On a usual basis, Mauritius, Singapore, the US and the UK are among the leading sources of FDI in India. According to Ernst and Young, foreign direct investment in India in 2010 was $44.8 billion, and in 2011, it experienced an increase of 13% and reached $50.8 billion.

On looking at the natal chart of independent India, it can be noted that Mars that is the Lord of the House of Foreign investments is posited (by the natal positioning itself) in the House of Finance. This very planetary position may be the reason behind India always being a cause of significant interest for rest of the world. Since Mars is an aggressive planet, it may have contributed to India gaining importance as an investment hub, and the global investors retaining their faith in the resilient Indian economy even during tough times. India has seen high foreign inflows and investments even in the times of global financial turmoil.

It is also noteworthy that Mars is the Lord of the 7th House, and it is also posited in the 2nd House in India’s natal chart. Thanks to this planetary aspect, FDI in India has gained further momentum. According to a study by Venture Intelligence, a firm that records private equity (PE) investments, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activities in India, Private Equity companies invested around US$ 1,848 million across 102 deals during April-June 2012 quarter (IT & ITeS sector attracted highest PE investments worth US$ 379 million).

During the time frame 10-11-2012 to 18-12-2012, Mars will transit from the front of the Natal Mars (in India’s natal chart). This looks set to be a favourable planetary aspect for FDI, and chances are that this may propel upwards the FDI in India, asserts Ganesha.

Also, from 05-07-2013 to 18-08-2013, Mars will transit through the Zodiac Sign Gemini. This means that Mars would transit over the Natal Mars, which is going to be a favourable aspect. This planetary movement may also bring in positive results for the investments in India.

Ganesha takes a longer view further, and points that during the time frame 20-06-2014 to 14-07-2015, the mighty Jupiter shall pass through the watery Sign of Cancer. This transit shall happen over the Natal Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Venus and Sun (in India’s natal chart). This may be a very positive factor, and may contribute to a considerable foreign interest and investment in India. The foreign investments by global corporations in India may go up by more than 20 per cent, feels Ganesha.

In Ganesha’s view, the sectors that look set to benefit from the aforementioned planetary transits include – Castings & Forgings, Chemicals, Cigarettes, FMCG, Construction & Contracting – Housing/ Real Estate, Dry Cells, Dyes & Pigments, Agriculture – Tea & Coffee, Refineries, Agro-Chemicals etc.

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