Future of Tata- Chorus Deal

Jamshedji Tata founded Tata as a small factory, whose current chairman is Ratan Tata. He was born on 28th December 1937 in Bombay. Looking at his Surya Kundli, the 7th and 10th house lord is Mercury, which is in conjunction with the Lord of 9th house (house of Luck) i.e. Sun situated in the Ascendant giving fruitful results. Saturn is placed in the 4th house aspecting the10th house, which will help him in taking long-term beneficial decisions.  After January 2008, he may purchase another MNC company. The coming time is good for him but as Rahu placed in the 10th place of his horoscope, there are indications of hurdles and delays in legal procedures. Tata- Corus deal was finalised on 30th January 2007. If we observe the planetary influences on 30th January 2007, it seems benefits from this deal may get delayed and booking profits may also take some time. If we see the monthly graph of Tata steel after this deal, it has gone down by -17 Rs. in January and by -22 Rs. in February. The profit from this deal can be seen after 11th May, 2008. This script is sound fundamentally and technically and one can invest in it for long term. It may thus be called powerful long-term deal.

Ganesha's Grace,
Dharmesh G. Joshi