Fundamentals of Kaushalya Infrastructure strong enough to attract customers

With a view to purchasing capital equipments for construction and infrastructure, investing in BOT/BOOT projects, meeting the long term working capital requirements and meeting general corporate costs, acquisition of land and development rights, Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corp Ltd has issued an IPO.

Ganesha gives his astro-analysis on this company.

The Company was originally incorporated on 4th June 1992 as R.M.S. Exim Private Limited with the Registrar of Companies, West Bengal, Kolkata under the Companies Act 1956. The name of the Company was changed to Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corporation Private Limited and a fresh Certificate of Incorporation was obtained on 5th November 2001 from the Registrar of Companies, West Bengal, Kolkata.

Technical Fact Sheet:

Bid Opens Nov 20, 2007
Bid closes Nov 23, 2007
Book Built Portion Opens Nov 20, 2007
Book Built Portion Closes Nov 23, 2007
Fixed Price Portion Opens Nov 20, 2007
Fixed Price Portion Closes Nov 23, 2007
Money Payable on Application Rs50.00-60.00
Minimum Application for shares in Nos (Book built portion) 100
Minimum Application for shares in Nos (Fixed price portion) 100
Further multiples of 100
Rs Cr Book
Running Lead Manager to the offer
Project Cost 0.00 SREI Capital Markets Ltd
Project Financed through current issue 42.50
Post Issue Equity Share Capital 19.61 Lead Manager to the offer
Issue Price 50.00 NA
Promoted by Listing at Registrar to the office
Kumar Mehra
Prashant Mehra
Sidh Nath Mehra
Mahesh Mehra
Keleenworth Marketing Pvt Ltd
Engineers Pvt Ltd
Sun Kissed Merchandise Pvt Ltd

Considering Taurus Ascendant with conjunction of Saturn, Mercury, and Venus in first house, fundamentals of the company are strong enough to attract customers. But, during the period of extreme volatility, it will not be subscribed five or six time more than expected. The other reason is the closing date of issue. One day before the closing date Jupiter is changing its sign and will be transiting from eighth house. Rahu will be transiting over Natal Saturn from April 2008. This may harm company’s legal and foreign affairs. But, during this time company shall get benefits from government as well as Premium investors.

Ganesha wishes Kaushalya Infrastructure Development Corpn Ltd all the best for its bright future.

Gasnesha’ Grace,
Malav Bhatt,

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