Financial Inflows as well as Fluctuations Foreseen for Bajaj Auto; Being Circumspect Shall Help..

Financial Inflows as well as Fluctuations Foreseen for Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto Limited is a two- and three-wheeler vehicle manufacturing company established in the 1930s.It makes the immensely popular Pulsar and Discover brand of two-wheelers and has a near-monopoly in the manufacturing of the omnipresent three-wheeler auto-rickshaw. Bajaj Auto is among the top 10 business houses in the country, with a combined production capacity of three million vehicles in its plants at Pune, Aurangabad and Chakan. Another plant in Uttranchal is in the works, which should jack up its production capacity even further. Apart from vehicles, the company also has a prominent footprint in the field of home appliances, lighting materials, iron and steel, insurance, travel and finance. Let’s take a look at the stars of the company and find out how things may shape up for the automobile giant in the times to come…

Astrological Observations:
In the Kundali of Bajaj Auto, Jupiter and Venus are Swagruhi, and that, according to Ganesha, is a positive sign. Venus is Swagruhi in this Kundli, which ultimately takes away plenty of its positive influence.

What Next ?

  • Talking of the current scenario, Ganesha observes that the supreme benefic Jupiter will be transiting over the 2nd House as well as over the Natal Saturn in the Foundation Chart of Bajaj. This transit will bring in a lot of revenue, gains and profits for the company. The financial situation of the automobile company is likely to improve and the period till August 2016 will be a good one for the company to make short-term financial plans.
  • But apart from this, one thing that demands attention is the entry of Rahu into the Sign of Leo on the 30th of January, 2016. This transit of such a heavyweight malefic into the company’s House of Finances will create an uncertain atmosphere on the financial front and may counter some of the favourable effects that Jupiter may create. It is advised that the company should avoid making any long-term financial plans as Rahu may create confusions and tricky situations. The company’s position in the share markets may also get affected on some occasions.
  • Between 21st February, 2016 and 18th September, 2016, the planet of energy and speed Mars will be travelling between its own Sign Scorpio and Libra. The interesting aspect here is that Mars will be shuttling between these two Signs, in a retrograde-direct mode and will thus be spending its time in these two Signs for a period of 7 Months, instead of its average 45-day period! So, the company will have to be very careful in the production process, as there may be some problems in this area. Moreover, the aforementioned period is likely to be a highly volatile as well as fluctuating. The decision-making process will have to be carried out with a lot of forethought as well as planning. Mars also happens to be the Lord of the 5th House in the Chart of Bajaj. This means that the stock market position of the company may come under the limelight and the situation may be very sensitive one. Investments will have to be made only after thourough contemplation.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmesh Joshi
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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