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Are you ready to manage your money?

Are you ready to manage your money?

As per Western Astrology, an important Astrological event is coming up soon. The master of trades Mercury, and the Queen of money (Goddess Laxmi) Venus, magnetically conjunct in Sign of Gains. Ganesha finds this event very ‘worthy’ because Mercury is going to conjunct Venus, which is the ruler of second house of finances as per Universal Zodiac!

This is a very significant celestial configuration as many new business unions can be established under the influence of this conjunction. Even long pending business deals may reach a decisive point. Those willing to strike tie-up with someone for financial gains can look forward to this period. Moreover, this is one of the important phases during which business takeovers are expected. If planets in your horoscope are favourably disposed for such matters, you may find a boom on business or financial front with influence of this conjunction. Everything depends on how you take up opportunities to make the best out of last ten days of February 2008. How about arranging a meeting abroad or at a distant place suddenly, booking your flight tickets in hurry at higher rates and coming back with a smart smile on the face!

You may wonder what makes this conjunction so important? Why Ganesha is underlining this event with such a great emphasis? Well, it’s easy to understand. Aquarius is considered to be the sign of ‘Gains’ of our efforts as per the Universal Zodiac. Although it is Air Sign by its Element, we know that it is termed as ‘Water Bearer’ sign.

As per ‘Feng Shui’ Science, flow of water in the house is considered to be the ‘Wealth Meter of the house’. If we connect this to Aquarius, the Water Bearer’s symbol indicates a pot containing water, which is not flowing but stagnant or stored. So, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you curious enough to find out whether your horoscope has the capacity to fill the pot full with water or is it going to spill out? You can freely discuss an issue regarding finance and Ganesha will guide you with best of Astrological knowledge. You have the opportunity to place five questions regarding money matters here and get the best solution to your burning issues regarding finances.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni