Apple iPhone 13: Will It Make Apple’s Market Shine?

Apple iPhone 13: Will It Make Apple’s Market Shine?

In a much-awaited event across the mobile world, Apple iPhone 13 was launched on the morning of Sept 14, 2021. There has already been a lot of speculation in the media about the various features of this model.

The market was abuzz with talks about the Apple iPhone 13 even before this model entered the market. Significantly, this phone has a storage memory of up to 1 TB, which is the highest so far for any mobile. The features of the Apple iPhone 13 will be formally announced at 10.30 am on Sept 14, 2021, through video streaming.

Apple iPhone May Not Be Very Different

On analysing the horoscope, it is found that Rahu is situated in the Taurus sign in the ascendant. At the same time — Sun in its own house in the fourth house, Mercury in its own house in the fifth house, Venus in its own house in the sixth house and Saturn in its own house in the house of luck — are creating a good kundli. The market will welcome the new model. However, as Rahu is in the ascendant, the customers may face some confusion in the phone’s technology. iPhone 13 will take the routine course of Apple products.

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Other More Advanced iPhone Versions May Follow

It is also likely that Apple may launch four more phones in this series, which will be somewhat more advanced versions. The Apple iPhone series will be available in the market for sale from Sept 24, 2021, onwards and it is being said that along with iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series and Airpod 3 will also be launched.

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