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It’s All Roses And No Thorns For Akash-Shloka’s Wedding, Predicts Ganesha

It’s All Roses And No Thorns For Akash-Shloka’s Wedding, Predicts Ganesha

The rich and famous are always in the limelight, drawing attention of the people wherever they go. Thus, in this background, the engagement of Akash Ambani, the elder son of the foremost Indian industrialist Mukesh Ambani and Shloka Mehta, the youngest daughter of diamond magnate Russel Mehta, has turned out to be one of the most talked about event in recent times. They got engaged on 26th March and are likely to get married in December 2018. Well, Ganesha has analysed the birth chart of Akash to know how their married life will fare. Ask any questions related to your married life and get answers as per your marriage horoscope by date of birth:

Akash Ambani Birth Details
Date of Birth: 23rd October 1991
Birth Time: Unavailable
Place of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

As natal Venus is in the Leo sign, Akash’s love for his life partner will be intense. Thus, in marital relationship, he will want to be loved on a continuous basis. He is likely to be charming, generous, chivalrous and fun-loving in your married life. Due to planetary movements, Akash will be excellent in communication with Shloka Mehta.

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Besides, natal Moon is placed in the 7th house which will point to intense intimacy between Akash and Shloka. Their life will be full of adventures and exploration. They will have sweet experiences. They will cherish these sweet memories for a long time to come.

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Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta will share a sparkling chemistry. They will develop a great emotional attachment. Shloka will have a very good understanding with her parents-in-law. Their life will be a cakewalk for two years. There will be all roses and no thorns for them in the time to come. Their emotional drive will set in well, which will lead to a glorious time ahead.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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