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7-Eleven in India Can Set Marketing Benchmarks, Say the Stars

7-Eleven, a globally known chain of retail and convenience stores, has finally come to India, joining hands with Reliance in doing so. The first outlet of the store was opened in Andheri East, Mumbai, on Oct 9, 2021. The chain is originally from the USA, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1927 as Tote’m Stores first, it has taken 94 years for them to open their first store in India.

Talking about the event chart of Oct 9, 2021, the day which marks the welcome of 7-Eleven in India, the Mercury seems to be very positive. Mercury in Vedic astrology is the representative of communication. Therefore, it is safe to say that marketing will not be an issue for 7-Eleven in India.

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On the other hand, Venus is disturbed in the store’s kundali. This indicates poor performance in terms of beauty/cosmetic products shall they try to venture into that market.

Overall, The Lord of the house of gain in 7-Eleven’s chart is placed in the house of finance, in the sign of Libra. This creates a balance for the chain’s future in coming times and tells that 7-Eleven may always stay afloat among its competitors.

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