Predictions Your Lucky Mantra!!! How Does It Work?

Your Lucky Mantra!!! How Does It Work?

Imagine a person calling some one “Hey you DOG” with great anger. What kind of reaction do you expect? Yes, not really a good one. Correct.

Also imagine someone calling the same person with love and reverence- “Hey GOD or Hey DEAREST ONE”, what kind of reaction do you expect.. yes, really a good one Correct.

Now you must have got some hang of it- why did the same person behave differently when he was called a DOG and when he was called a GOD? As the meaning in the mind of person for DOG is not a good one and for GOD is a really a good one. Funny but Correct.

So you could start experimenting with the first lesson of MANTRA now. Start calling someone you know differently and just see the results. Just a fun filled exercise.

Same is true for Mantras- though in many cases the meanings for some words comprising a mantra might not be logical- but there is a meaning to mantra in many cases and when we repeat it over and over again- the meaning gains energy to give you the desired result or benefit that you are looking for- be it success in marriage, business, career or education or any problem you want to solve for that matter or goal of life you want to achieve.

Mantras actually are sacred incantations- which the Hindu Saints heard through intuitive ears while in deep meditation.

Suppose I ask you- how does the rainfall take place in India? You would say due to clouds. Now I ask you, how do the clouds come into picture? You would say they are formed from Arabian Sea. So to an extent we get an answer that nothing comes out of magic (Arabian SeaClouds–.>Rainfall)!!!

There has to be a reason for anything and every thing in this universe.

Now applying the same logic to Mantras, do they work by magic? No, NOT AT ALL!

As there is a reason for anything and everything on this universe- so is true for the Mantras.

Actually, as you know we have 6 main Chakras (energy centers) in the human body (7th chakra being sahasrar) and 6×2 = 12 Rashis. Also each Chakra and Rashi has a set of sounds or Sanskrit alphabets associated with it. So, when we chant mantras with specific alphabets- the chakras get activated in a certain fashion and generate energy which helps us and also controls the influence of the 12 Rashis on human destiny. At times the mantra has a specific diety to be pleased like Lord Hanuman- it all varies from mantra to mantra. There is also a much deeper explanation for how Mantras actually work- but is beyond the scope of this article.

The above mentioned points to an extent explain how by choosing the right Mantra, one can welcome luck and good fortune.

Actually there might be thousands or even Lacs of mantras- now depending on your ASTRO-NUMEROLOGICAL chart which mantra would suit you best can only be determined by an expert who knows both, ASTRO-NUMEROLOGY and MANTRA for the desired results.

The results of Mantra cannot be 100% always, as they depend on many factors like sincerity of the person chanting it, correctness of the procedures followed, concentration of the person, time period in which it is chanted- but sooner or later some results start showing up and adding up. The faith has to be there.

Mantra chanting is like putting money in your Bank Account- which is bound to grow and give you dividends in due time.

There was a person who was very depressed, consulted me, he had lost his job, his family life was disturbed, etc etc. Based on his chart I suggested a specific mantra, which he chanted sincerely for some time and then said- this mantra is not working, suggest me something else. On my insistence, he continued- within a short period of time he got an offer for a small job, followed by a better job and slowly things on other fronts started changing for him.

Therefore, Mantras do have their influence- but they operate on subtle energies and take sometime to mature, build up and solve your problems and bless you with good luck. So, a little patience always pays off.

Wishing all of you very good luck with the blessings of Ganesha!

Ganesha’s Grace,
Celebrity Astrologer
The GaneshaSpeaks Team