Your 2015 Valentine’s Day Predictions.

Roses or wine? Diamonds that shine? Your place or mine Well, what awaits you this Valentine? Find out with Ganesha’s Sun Sign based predictions. Read on!

Your 2015 Valentine Day Predictions

This looks set to be an intense, passionate Valentine for most of you Rams. Ones waiting to get closer in a relationship shall manage
to really come ‘closer’ this V-Day! On your part, ensure you don’t come off as ‘easy’. Step ahead, if you already
have been going steady for sometime now, cautions Ganesha. Planning to propose your beloved? Stars nod their ‘Yes’!

You may throw aside your cautious and practical side for a while, this Valentine’s Day, as you plan and prepare to spend a bomb to woo your beloved. You may be willing to spend generously to celebrate this special day, and maybe, also cheer up a grumpy or long-ignored partner. Love is in the air for you Bulls, confirms Ganesha – and that shall be true for singles as well as married ones.



Keep your mind and heart open this Valentine’s Day, says Ganesha, but don’t pile on your expectations. Go slow, and take a friendly approach first – even towards the ones, you may have been seeing for a few weeks now. Once you keep your expectations in control, you will see yourself cheering up with simple, amiable gestures from the members of opposite sex. Keep your ardent proposals for another day, as this V Day isn’t likely to be very favourable. Lovey-dovey hints and coy glances shall be welcome, though.



The tidings of this Valentine’s Day shall be just about average for you Crabs. And, lesser your expectations from others, happier you shall be on this V-Day, says Ganesha. However, there is a distinct possibility of you finding or re-establishing a lost connection, given you try. Nonetheless, here too you shall do well to keep your hopes tame. In short, you will have to find your own ‘romance’ this V-Day!

Venus and Mars are transiting through the 8th House from your Sign. This is the House of ‘dark desires’ and ‘revival’. Thus, it is likely that this day may intense and passionate, especially in the matters of ‘love making’. You will be interested, and shall have an ardent partner beside you. However, there may still may remain a ‘missing’ aspect, leaving you confused and uncertain about this relationship. Finding a soul connect may be difficult. Ganesha advises you to stop being too ambitious, and enjoy and nurture what’s yours, at the moment.

If a serious and long-term relationship is on your mind (and heart), the stars send plenty of positive vibes your practical way, this Valentine’s Day. In fact, it may turn out to be one of your best V-Days ever, if commitment is on agenda, feels Ganesha. However, if you have options – in love or marriage related matters, you shall tend to remain very confused. In that case, the day is likely to keep busy on speculating. Relax, and rather spend your day enjoying!

Already in a relationship or married? Great! For, stars plan to send tonnes of happy energy your way this Valentine’s Day. However, the scene may not be the same for the ones planning to start a relationship or make a proposal. If you have been planning to make a declaration of undying love to someone special, Ganesha advises you to wait out for the next 10 days, and especially on the V-Day, as this day may not be in your favour, this time.

With Venus and Mars transiting through the 5th Sign from yours, you can expect this day to be filled with love and affection. You can pop that special question, if that’s what you have been waiting to do. However, you may want to go the discreet way, so instead of proposing ‘marriage’ directly, you may simply yet romantically confess ‘love; this V-Day, and with due patience and effort, you can then hope to receive a warm and positive response – though, you may need to wait a bit.

Emotions run high, and you shall be filled with intense feelings of love and affection towards your beloved. With Venus and Mars both transiting through the 4th Sign from your Sun Sign, your feelings shall any way be brimming with love fever. And, thankfully, you shall manage to express yourself well on this V-Day, says Ganesha. However, you are also advised to keep your expectations in control, as there is a likelihood of a delayed or mixed response. Nonetheless, you may propose ‘marriage’ to a partner, you have been seeing for sometime now, and leave the rest to the cosmos!

Love – of the sensual kind – may not be high on your agenda this Valentine’s Day. Yet, this is not to say that you won’t express yourself romantically. Well, on the contrary, you will be very expressive and eloquent, specifically in written communications, should you decide to say ‘I Love You’ to someone special on V-Day. Overall, though, it is likely that you will be practical and subdued in the matters of heart. But, do not stop your work from planning a short-distance trip with your committed partner, says Ganesha.

Valentine’s Day brings a mixed platter for you. Or, should we say a day when things can go either ways – and thus, the onus lies solely on you and your beloved – that in which direction you wish the day to proceed in. The vibes shall neither be entirely discouraging nor will they be very encouraging, says Ganesha. In simple words, do not expect a lot of action, and if starting an intense love relationship is on your mind, wait out a bit. On the other hand, try keeping your expectations a little lower, and who knows, stars may leave you pleasantly surprised.

Venus and Mars both are transiting through your own Sun Sign, along with Neptune. Well, this goes to say aplenty about your love dreams and aspirations. This Valentine’s Day, in fact, shall be filled with possibilities, and may also bring a turning point in your love life, feels Ganesha. You may also start weaving sweet dreams, regarding a happy relationship, and may even take the day off to plan a special meeting, where you can express your feelings for a beloved in the most romantic fashion. Bring on the candles, roses and rings! Do ensure dressing up in all your splendid glory, and the chances of getting a ‘yes’ shall increase manifold.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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