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Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Name – The word “Sapphire” has been derived from the Greek word sapphirus or sappheiros, which basically means ‘blue stone’. However, the sapphires are found in brilliant hues of yellow too, and thus are special in their own right. Also, there is a huge Astrological significance associated with the Yellow Sapphire. This is a precious gemstone, and its prices vary to a great extent, depending upon its colour, clarity, cut as well as lustre.

Formation – These gemstones are largely formed of Corundum, an Aluminum Oxide contain iron and titanium impurities, which facilitate to bring the variation in the gemstone colours, which vary from pinkish to deep blues and many yellows in between. Trace amounts of other elements such as chromium, copper and magnesium also give myriad colours to these beautiful stones.

Sources – Greenish yellow sapphire is found in Queensland and New South Wales (Australia). Similar stones occur in Thailand. Purely yellow Sapphire gemstones are best found in Sri Lanka, Montana (U.S.A) and East Africa.

Available colours – The yellow coloured Sapphires are found in a range of hues starting from clear, golden yellow to deeper yellows, orange, slightly greenish ones and also colourless and white forms.

The best gem, however, among them is said to be of the pale lemon-yellow colour.

SG – 4.00, RI – 1.76 – 1.77, Hardness – 9

Most Sapphires, especially the good quality, clear ones, have a glass-like lustre.

Astrological Associations – Vedic Astrology holds gemstone yellow Sapphire in high regard. The gemstone, known to represent Jupiter, one of the most important and positive planets, is suggested as a remedy for getting rid of financial difficulties and struggles and many other issues.

Zodiac – Sagittarius, Pisces
Planet – Jupiter
Day – Thursday

 Wearing yellow Sapphire is said to augur the following benefits –

  • Increases health, wealth, name, honour and fame.
  • Aids in education and promotes higher learning.
  • Promotes general well-being and spiritual knowledge.
  • Cures diarrhoea, gastritis, ulcer, rheumatism, jaundice, insomnia, heart troubles, impotency, gout, arthritis, pain in knee joints, etc.
  • Enhances the feeling of contentedness and satisfaction (also joy).

Up until the 19th century yellow sapphire was known as Oriental Topaz. Today too, the Golden Topaz, another semi precious gemstone, is used as a substitute to Yellow Sapphire (since yellow Sapphire is quite expensive). Topaz, like Sapphire, is also find in a variety of hues, and that is why Blue Topaz is used as a cheaper substitute for Blue Sapphire too.

Note that there are many imitations, cheaper and unsubstantial, available in the market in the name of Yellow Sapphire, as it is a prized gemstone. Thus, you must buy this gemstone from a reliable source, if you are to take advantage of wearing this and get Jupiter’s benign blessings.

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Nonetheless, you should be sure that this stone suits you and your Horoscope, before you wear it. Even if Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is known to be a relatively safer stone, it is important that it is used only after a careful consideration of one’s Horoscope and the planetary alignment therein – or it may cause opposite effects like weight gain, hedonism, problems (if Jupiter is placed in a negative House) etc. Also, if Jupiter is posited in Capricorn (its Sign of debilitatation) in one’s Kundali, wearing Yellow Sapphire is a must. Are you aware of all these nuances? Not yet? Find it out by Speaking to An Astrologer right now! Or, you may also get your very own, 100% personalised Astrologer-generated reading – Remedial Solutions for Wealth.

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