Worship Your Kuldevta/Kuldevi, Invite Divine Blessings To Your Life

Worship Your Kuldevta/Kuldevi, Invite Divine Blessings To Your Life

Among the Hindu deities, Kuldevta/Kuldevi (Family deity) has always occupied an important place in the Hindu Family Worship. Every Hindu family are the descendants of one or the other Rishi. Accordingly, families are given their gotras. Also, people were divided on the basis of Varna as per their karma.

The Importance Of Kuldevta/Kuldevi

The occupation practised by each class of people became their special attribute and this gave rise to the caste system. Every caste is come out from one of the major rishis. This root Rishi or his wife is worshipped as Kuldevta/Kuldevi. Kuldevta enjoys the highest status in the life of an individual. The grace of Kuldevita his very important for strengthening the financial situation, maintaining family happiness and staying healthy. Do you want your wealth to grow? Access the Wealth Ask a Question Report.

The Power Of Kuldevta/Kuldevi Puja

Our forefathers had chosen appropriate Kuldevta or Kuldevi or the deity of family and initiated the practice of worshipping them. The purpose was to ensure that the spiritual powers of these rishis should help us live positively and remove negative influences from our lives. This was to ensure that people could carry on with their lives positively and make progress on various fronts.

Any Ceremony Without Kuldevta/Kuldevi Puja Is Incomplete

Actually, the respective Kuldevi or Kuldevta is the protector of the family. They are the basic authority in matters related to family and they should be worshipped first and foremost. Any puja is incomplete without first invoking the Kuldevta/Kuldevi.

Other Demigods Do Not Intervene When Kuldevta/Kuldevi Get Angry

In fact, their influence is so strong that other demigods do not intervene when Kuldevta or Kuldevi are angry at the family. It can be understood like this: If our father or mother get annoyed with us, no neighbour or outsider can come to our rescue as they are outsiders. Besides, the householders should worship Kuldevta or Kuldevi daily just like they worship their Ishta Devta. Are you facing problems in relationships? Buy the Relationships Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report.

There are several families who do not know their Kuldevta/Kuldevi. But it doesn’t mean that Kuldevta/Kuldevi have ceased to exist. They are very much there. If you do not know about your Kuldevta/Kuldevi, you can enquire it from the elder members of your family.

The Simple Puja Vidhi To Worship Kuldevta/Kuldevi:

1) The most important element in the worship of Kuldevi are the things required to perform the puja. The following things are required to perform the Puja: 4 raw coconuts, red cloth, 10 supaaris, 8 or 16 things for shringar, 10 betel leaves (pan leaves), earthen lamp with ghee (Diya or Deepak), kumkum, haldi, sindoor, mauli, five types of sweets, poori, halwa, kheer, moistened grams (chana), batasha, kapoor, janeu and panchmeva.
2) Ensure that sindoor and haldi – kumkum are not put on the same coconut. They should be put on two different coconuts.
3) Offer five types of sweets to the Kuldevta or Kuldevi. Also, offer them halwa-kheer.
4) Ensure that after the puja you offer prasad only inside the home to family members; don’t give it to outsiders.
5) You can chant the mantra of Goddess Durga or Goddess Kali during this puja. But along with that also chant Lord Shiva’s mantra.
6) As per the tradition, the unmarried girls are not included in this puja. So, should act accordingly.
7) We should put a clean red cloth and place the image of Kuldevta/Kuldevi over it. Light a ghee or tel (oil) Deepak, put a gugal, dhoop & flowers, perform havan. Offer churma baati, coconut, sweets (mithai), makhana.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Acharya Dharmadhikari
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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