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Women’s Day And Astrology: Understanding Women With The Help Of Sun Signs

Women’s Day And Astrology: Understanding Women With The Help Of Sun Signs

International Women’s Day – Celebrating The Spirit Of Women

The International Women’s Day is one of the most special occasions as it celebrates the wonder and power of women. In Astrology, planet Venus is said to rule over the domain of women and all aspects-things related to females. Planet Moon also has control over the world of women and represents the Stree-Shakti along with Venus. It is impossible to think of a world without women – it would be a dull, bland, insipid and outright boring place to live in without them. In this article, we present some interesting aspects about women of each Zodiac Sign. Enjoy the Women’s Day Exclusive.

Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Aries Woman

The Aries woman is the most dashing and spontaneous being you would ever come across! Energetic, forthright and bold, this woman likes clarity and expects people to function in a clutter-free manner. Beware of beating around the bush in front of an Aries woman, as this is one aspect that uncontrollably irritates her. Always curious, the Aries female is ready to explore a lot of things and try something different. If she senses that certain things will challenge her sense of freedom, then she will tend to become fiercely defensive. They have a natural penchant for adventure and great love for outdoor activities, so you would find them being in the forefront when it comes to taking part in sports competitions or public events or setting out on excursions! These passionate women strongly feel they are born to lead and thus never shy from taking initiatives and she is the one you can bank on to get something kickstarted! As regards educational preferences, it is observed that these women opt for technical courses or the marketing domain.

The female Aries Ram will feel suffocated if challenges are not thrown in her path and if there is no variety in the work that she does. So, to get the best out of her, it essential to engage her with variety and even with challenging tasks. With great courage and leadership potential, these women are best suited for careers in the areas like defense, sports, journalism, marketing, etc.

Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Taurus Woman

The pleasant and aesthetically sound Taurus woman is a fashion conscious and art-loving creature. With a refined taste and great understanding of the finer aspects, she is the one who can give you good advice about the best fashion store in town, or the place which serves the best pizzas or sundaes. They are known to possess a profound love for arts, beauty, luxury and indulgences. These natives possess an extremely charming persona and are much adored for their infectious smile. The Taurian women are some of the hardest to please and are extremely practical and focus more on achieving security in life. These women are known to possess extraordinary composure of mind and are very strong emotionally.

The Taurus-born females can be excellent financial advisors, investment bankers, entrepreneurs of cosmetic products, fashion designers, choreographers and art designers. These strong-willed women are blessed with natural artistic tendencies, and can be excellent painters, perfume-fragrance developers or singers.

Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Gemini Woman

Witty, clever and broad-minded – the Gemini woman is very flexible, even to the extent of being pliable. With an extraordinary flair for communication, this woman is always on the lookout for opportunities to express herself. If In search of some offbeat ideas, then turn to the Gemini woman – she will come up with some of the most novel ideas. A Gemini-born woman can be the best remedy for boredom – really! They can be so much fun and joy, but one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that these women are very restless and thus may tend to be unstable and inconsistent. They can be somewhat childish and mischievous at times, and this makes for a great source of amusement on some occasions.

The Gemini women can flourish in the Communication and Information Technology areas. They can either be the tycoons of some big telecommunications company or the key creative strategists for an advertisement agency. Creativity and ideation forms a core part for the Gemini female, and she is likely to flourish in the marketing-branding, website designing, graphic designing, animation areas amongst a plethora of other fields demanding creativity. So, next time you meet a lady who is pretty impressive with her communication and is either the Chief Marketing Manager or Website Designer of her company, you can assume that she is a Gemini native!
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Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Cancer Woman

Sensitive, intuitive and caring are three of the most apt terms for a Cancerian woman and amongst all the Zodiac Signs, she happens to be the most highly receptive and peace-loving. All the decisions that these women take in their lives, mostly revolve around emotions and instinct. Though they can be extremely moody, they can be a delight when in the best of their elements. Family members and their happiness matters a lot to the natives born under this Sign. For the Cancer-born female, sincerity and commitment matter a lot and she won’t appreciate anything that is shallow and half-hearted. Being a subject ruled by the Moon, she would also tend to be very moody and unpredictable. Pamper her and take good care of her, and she would be all smiles!

Cancerian women and hospitality go hand-in-hand and thus they are ought to shine in the hotel industry, health sectors and all the areas which require great service.
Being naturally sensitive, caring and intuitive, the Cancer women can make wonderful airhostesses, doctors, nurses, pyschologists, nutritionists, librarians, etc. Blessed with an extremely imaginative mind and due to a good understanding of the arts, some of them can also do very well in the creative fields.

Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Leo Woman

Vibrant and vivacious – the Leo woman, can be both sweet as well as dominating. Brimming with amazing optimism and warmth, she can be the person who can fill you up with great hope and cheer when your chips are down. Moreover, if you happen to be in a bad mood, not only would she console you with some super-sweet and flowery words, but she would also take you to the nearest cafe and treat you to some wonderful coffee and snacks, which would undoubtedly bring you back to your elements. Such is the power of the Lioness’ affection. Apart from the fact that there egos need to be constantly pampered, their loyalty and generosity is what sets them apart from the rest. These are the women who can never ever let any one down or betray their trust. They have large friend circles and are quite popular among their friends.

With a very broad outlook and love for grandeur, the lionesses prefer everything grand and majestic, and this aspect, you will get to see in almost every area of their life – be it their super-expensive fashion apparel, or the bucks that they spend to get their hair trimmed or the expensive gifts that they shower upon their loved ones or even the career preferences that they make! Status matters a lot to them, and they are the happiest if they are able to grab people’s attention and be in the limelight!
Considering the strong desire of the Leo woman to wield power and to be under the spotlight, the glamour and fashion industry is an apt pick. They can be wonderful motivational speakers, aesthetics and beauty experts and spokespersons. Moreover, they can also flourish well in their own business ventures.

Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Virgo Woman

Talk about analysis, teaching or logic, a Virgo woman would be the first to come forward and share a snippet or two – such is their love for all things related to intelligence and knowledge. These are the women who are very polite, well-behaved and practical. With an eye for perfection, they will settle for nothing less than their standards suggest! She can be very hard-working and avoids delegating tasks to others and this may cause unnecessary stress. They don’t get influenced by anyone and anything easily and can remain steadfast in their decisions. The Virgo female can be very good at conversations and can be one of your best confidants, with whom you can share your most intimate secrets. Being very sensible and honest, these women are generally very harmless.

They maintain themselves very well and when dressing up, they ensure that there is no accessory missing or that the eye-liner or nail-paint is not overdone.
They can be fantastic teachers, editors, professors, analysers, researchers and maintanence executives, etc.
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Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Libra Woman

Libran women, glamour and killer charm is something almost everyone knows about! Understandably, these are the beings who dominate the films-glamour-modelling, showbiz and entertainment sectors. These Venus ruled subjects can be very chic fashionistas and love to remain updated about the latest fashion trends and film-industry gossips. Balanced, sociable and just, the Libran females are the ones who make everyone around them feel comfortable. Libran women neither dominate nor will they get dominated, because they believe in sharing the responsibilities. They are flexible and accommodating and will carefully listen to different opinions. If they are logically convinced that they should change their minds, they will do it, without being stubborn. They just hate disharmony and can do anything to see peace prevail. The Libra-born have an exceptional ability of making people around them realise their true potential and often keep getting into a ‘leader’ mode.

Due to their need to see justice prevailing all around them, they can pick up law as a profession, and even literally, some of the most prominent lawyers are found to Librans. They can make extremely successful actresses, models, song-writers, fashion designers, interior designers, etc. Moreover, make the Libran woman an HR executive or a Public-Relations Officer and then watch her shine!

Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Scorpio Woman

A Scorpio woman is the most intense and bold woman that you would ever come across! With a magical charisma and magnetism, this lady also possesses a mysterious aura. They are energetic, spirited, but can be somewhat secretive and introverted. These women generally do not open up with everyone and are very selective in choosing their friends. Being nice to her, not superficially, but genuinely, will definitely be reciprocated with great gratitude. These are the women who can survive on their own even in the toughest situations. Fooling or flattering a Scorpio woman is next to impossible.

The Scorpio-born females are known to carry themselves very gracefully and would never be found in an outfit which is ill-fitting or whose colour combination is weird. They are mature and never like to behave irresponsibly and tend to be very protective towards the sensitive and vulnerable lot. They possess great skills and can be street-smart in their dealings with people.

The Scorpio natives are generally very ambitious and can go to any extent to achieve what they desire. These women can be great pyschologists, pyschiatrists and counsellers. The best solution to your problem can somehow come from the Scorpio-born.

Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Sagittarius Woman

Giggles, humour and happiness are some of the popular terms associated with the Sagittarius women. Effervescent and bubbly, these women are so optimistic, that even a look at them will bring a smile on to your face. More than charm, these women possess a distinct cuteness that will melt the hearts of even the toughest of people. They are carefree and seek enjoyment and happiness in life and are quite enthusiastic about things. They can never see anyone sad or low and will do anything to bring back cheer onto people’s faces. On 9 out of 10 occasions, you will find the Saggitarian archer woman being in a bubbly mood. But, on the remaining 1 occasion, if she is feeling low, then you would observe that surprisingly, she won’t lament or crib – but she may get into a philosophical slot! She may start talking about the concept of karma and the fury of nature and such heavy philosophical aspects of life, and you would be at your wit’s end trying to understand what’s happened to the person whom you thought could never cease to be happy.

Pets and animals are very dear to the Sagittarian females and they can even be quite possessive about them. The Saggitarian women can be good teachers, guides and even mentors. Most of these women may develop a liking for writing at some point in time in their lives.
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Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Capricorn Woman

These tenacious and organised women will amaze you with their determination, focus and perseverence. Capricorn women are known to drive great sense into people around them and can be great stabilisers. A Capricorn woman may not be highly expressive or outgoing, but she may be very warm and affectionate from within; but we may very rarely get to witness this area of their personality, as they fear, this show of warmth will make them appear weak! These women are known to maintain a fine balance between their personal and professional lives.

Resourceful and determined, the Capricorn women set high standards for themselves and others. They appreciate honest criticism. Those who want to cut corners or compromise on quality may have a difficult time adjusting to the nature of these meticulous and determined women.

These women, who generally come across as serious and focused individuals can be some of the most efficient managers and administrators. Though their paths are never completely devoid of troubles, they try their best that no area affects their performance at the workplace. They generally make their performance do the talking rather than convincing others about their skill by boasting. Some of the most successful women entrepreneurs and managers are found to be Capricorns.

Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Aquarius Woman

Free-spirited and rebellious, the Aquarian women make for great thinkers and will always be equipped with a rational argument for any looslely made statement of yours, which will make you ponder about the depth of her thoughts! Though, these women possess a very casual approach towards life, they actually mean serious business in areas which they consider important.

The free-spirited woman characters that they show in movies, wherein they are walking in a carefree manner through picturesque locations observing the beauty of nature and cherishing the refreshing greenery – are some of the best representations of the spirit of the Aquarian woman! She is bold, observant, logical and somewhat defiant. Aquarian women prefer taking decisions on their own, and rarely get convinced by what others say. They believe in peaceful coexistence and would never impose their views on others. They are humane and compassionate and they take no time in setting aside their ideologies and beliefs and extending a helping hand to those in need.
These women can effortlessly flourish in the areas like photography, political activism, research, and adventure.

Women’s Day Special: Understanding The Pisces Woman

What makes the Piscean women very intriguing is the fact that they are philosophical yet modern, spiritual yet romantic, emotional yet flexible – all at the same time! These women have a great healing touch and can talk some of the most soothing words you would have ever heard! These are the women, who keep coming up with sentences like – “I feel that next week some new changes may take place in the office.” This is the power of their intuition! Moreover, these women can be shrewd and do not believe in something, until they cross check it from different sources.

The females of this Sign tend to get emotionally dependent on the person they love. If their feelings are not reciprocated, they can get very hurt and may start suffering from self-pity and low self-worth.

Being highly imaginative, these women can excel in creative writing, film-making, documentary production and arts. The Pisces women can draw some of the finest sketches and can also cook some of the most delicious dishes! So, they can tend to be versatile, if they want to.
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