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How Wind Chimes Can Bring Positivity and Peace in Homes?

How Wind Chimes Can Bring Positivity and Peace in Homes?

A pleasant breezy Sunday morning, your favourite book in one hand and a cup of hot coffee in the other hand!! Sounds perfect, isn’t it? You can make such a Sunday more relaxing with the gentle and soothing tune of the wind chimes hung in your balcony. In this fast paced life, every individual yearns for a Sunday like this.

Wind Chimes – A musical brief

Wind chimes were originally found in China, from where it was taken to Japan, in the year 1800. With time, people all over the world recognized its importance in Vastu and also liked its soothing melody. That was the time when the wind chimes gained popularity. Wind chimes benefit in incorporating a sense of harmony, peace of soul, and balance.

Wind Chimes and Vastu Shastra

The science of architecture – Vastu Shastra, has also mentioned about the benefits of wind chimes. The Vastu benefits of hanging chimes in our homes or offices are enlisted below.

  • Attracts positive energy and prosperity
  • Evades ill-luck from entering the place
  • Helps in fetching honour to the family
  • Invites more career opportunities for children
  • Bring in the good vibes

As per the Vastu tips, the wind chimes will yield best result only if hung at the correct place. The material of the chimes is also an important consideration according to Vastu to get benefits of wind chimes.

  • Hang the metal wind chimes in the West, North or North West zone to attract good luck for children and help them in bringing honour to the family. (Also read: Vastu tips for good education of children)
  • Hang these wind chimes in the North direction for better career opportunities.
  • Hang the wooden wind chimes in the East, South East and South direction for growth in finance and fame.

Follow the do’s and don’ts of wind chimes

Wind chimes are known to bring peace, harmony and good luck. However, if hung at a wrong position, it can give negative results also. So, one should be precautious before hanging wind chimes at home.

  • Never hang wind chimes over a door.
  • Only wooden chimes should be hung on trees.
  • Never hang wind chimes at a place where people sit or sleep directly under them.
  • Hang chimes at the place where clutter gathers the most.

Choosing the right place for the wind chimes

With the gentle tinkling melody of the wind chimes, the mind becomes relaxed and the spirit is elevated. So, it becomes inevitable to understand the right positioning of the chimes.

  • When wind chimes are hung at the front and back door, they trap the good vibes and energies and do not allow them to escape from the house.
  • Chimes can be hung in the kitchen to stir greater energy to the culinary skill and cook great food full of love and positivity.
  • Hang a two-rod or nine rod wind chimes in the Southwest corner of the living area to gain popularity.
  • To increase the chances of having children and have their positive academic performance, one should hang hollow metal wind chimes in the West Area of the home.
  • The six-rod metal chimes hung in the Northwest area of the house attract influential people in life.
  • In the North Area, hang a six-rod metal chime to accelerate career growth.
  • Hang 8, 6, or 5 rod metal wind chime at a suitable place at the end of the stairs. This will help stop further deterioration of wealth.

Are wind chimes just a decorative piece?

Wind chimes certainly adds to the beauty of the place but it’s not just a decorative piece. It has a greater contribution to make. It adds to the peace and prosperity. Its correct position works best for the house owner and the family. When the light breeze hits the rods, it emanates such a soothing melody that at times it feels divine. This sound always welcomes the owner into the house and asks him to embrace positivity, love and luck!!

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