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Why Don’t Twins Have Same Fortune?

Why Don’t Twins Have Same Fortune?

About 3% of the world population are twins. Twins can be identical or unidentical. There are more chances of unidentical twins with the same gender or different. Identical twins are rare, but they do exist.

Twins have the same parents, born at the same time and in the same hospital but the life and the fortune of both will be entirely different. We will find out the reason behind it with astrological observation done by experts. We will also Find out how twins are born and why twins fortune is different though twins astrology chart and astrology sign is the same.

Astrology is based as per the time and place of birth of a person. In the case of twins, they may have an identical birth chart or may not. So firstly it depends on the exact time of birth for each twin and the amount of time passes between the first and the second birth. Such an astrological placement like rising signs move one degree every four minutes and move into a completely new sign about every two hours. So there are chances that twin may have different ascendants. It also depends on what degree that planet is moving at that time. Sometimes the slower moving planets also could be affected by just a few minutes difference in the birth time and move into a different house of the zodiac.

The twins horoscopes and zodiac would be the same if they were born with a difference of one or two minutes. Though all the planetary positions and the ascendants are same then also they pursue different likes-dislikes, different education and job, married at different times and settled in entirely different places. In short, their life and fortune will be totally different. Sometimes the twins will be identically same and also having fully identical birth chart possess different interests and personalities.

Let us Ask Our Experts some personalized questions:

1. What leads to the birth of twins?

a) When Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and the ascendant are in odd signs and Venus, and the Moon is in even signs.
b) When strong unfavourable planet aspects the Moon or the ascendant.
c) Mercury, Jupiter and Mars are powerful and are in even signs.

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2. Why twins having the same birth chart and zodiac have an entirely different life and fortune? How does astrology work for twins?

The degree of the rising sign changes every four minutes. So the twins that were born with a difference of two to three minutes will have the same birth chart. Though all the planetary combinations are the same, they will have a different destiny. It is because the actual and underneath condition will differ as there will be at least difference of seconds in between two children.

The divisional chart will differ due to difference in seconds. Another reason for having a different destiny is they are born on a different orbit. The interpretation of this lies in the theory of karma. Sanchita (deeds of past life), Parabdha (fruits of deeds of past lives in the present life) and Agami (deeds to be done in the present life) are various types of Karma. Planetary conditions only consider Sanchita Karma that is the karmic results or the deeds stored from the past life. Hence twins with same Sanchita Karma will have the same birth chart but there Prarabdha Karma and Agami Karma will be different so they will have a different destiny.

3. Why identical twins having the same birth chart and zodiac have entirely different choices and personality?

Twins are identical as they have the same DNA, but the divisional chart of two children will be different as there will be differences in seconds or minutes in the birth time of both the children. Twins though they look identical the orbit on which they are born will be different. It is because there Parabdha and Agami karma will be different, and this will lead them to live a totally different life and will have a different destiny.

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