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What Your Dream has in Store for You this Christmas?

What Your Dream has in Store for You this Christmas?

As Christmas is approaching near, people have already started preparing for the same. In Western countries, the preparations and arrangements start one month before the festival. People of all ages enjoy this festival equally. As they continuously think about the day, dreams are natural to come because our unconscious and subconscious mind is very active and grabs the things at a very fast pace. Unaware of all this, people start dreaming of different props associated with Christmas.

Ganesha would like to help people find out what these dreams mean by giving a dream interpretation of things associated with Christmas.

ChristmasDreaming about Christmas might symbolize a new beginning in your life. It also stands for spiritual reincarnation. Ganesha advises you to spend some time with your creative self. It is the perfect time for merry-making.

When Santa Claus comes in your dreams, then it means that you should be more generous, sympathetic and forgiving in nature. You should try to understand the feelings of others. If you or someone close to you dresses up like Santa Claus in your dream, then it means that you need to treat others the way you want yourself to be treated.

As you dream of only those things which leave a long impact on your mind. Your unconscious mind continuously thinks about these things. Watching a deer in your dreams might also bring a message for you. As deer are considered sacred in many parts of Asia, the robes of priests are made of deerskin. Deer also has spiritual importance among the Indians living in North and South America, as they believe that men’s souls enter the bodies of deer after their death. They even considered the death of a deer a negative prophecy, as it brought with it droughts which in turn were symbolic of bad luck. Modern man considers deer as a calm forest animal. Deer play a vital role in children’s stories, as Santa Claus utilizes them to bring gifts for children. Therefore, a deer in your dream might mean that you have a calm and caring nature.

Christmas Cards are sent to wish your near and dear ones. Thus, if you see a Christmas card in your dreams, it might show your need to reach out to people. It also symbolizes your merciful attitude.

Who does mot like receiving gifts and Christmas is the best occasion to give and receive gifts! However when these gifts come in your dreams, then it is symbolic of your getting appreciated or rewarded in that sense for your generous and charitable nature. People around your might praise you for these qualities.

SleighIf you dream of a sleigh, then it might symbolize failure in love relationships. This might also mean cracks in your relationship with friends. However, if you ride a sleigh in your dreams, then it means that you might enter into a foolish commitment.

If you see Santa’s cap in your dreams, then it stands for a relaxed attitude. It also means that you need to be more broad-minded towards others.

Christmas Tree has its significance in Christianity. When you dream of a Christmas Tree, this means that you want to celebrate your personal growth, advancement and religious enlightenment. It also suggests that their will be an increase in pleasure along with responsibilities, which might lead to anxities.

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