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What will the planets bring for you in the month of June?

What will the planets bring for you in the month of June?

Planetary Positions Lined up for the month of June 2012

1. Sun shall be in Taurus till 14th June 2012, and then it shall move into Gemini.

2. Mars will be in Leo till 22nd June 2012, and then it will move into Virgo.

3. Mercury will be in Taurus till 4th June 2012, and then it moves into Gemini, where it will remain till 21st June 2012. And then, it will move into Cancer

4. Jupiter shall remain in Taurus throughout the month.

5. Venus will be in Taurus throughout the month.

6. Saturn shall be in Virgo throughout the month.

7. Rahu will remain in Scorpio, while Ketu shall be in Taurus throughout the month.

Let’s see what the aforementioned planetary aspects shall bring for the various Zodiac Signs –

The destiny looks set to support you well this month. Take advantage if the propitious stars. You will perform well on both the personal and profession fronts. If you happen to make any investments around this time, be sure of good to decent results. You may also get some good news from your children’s side. This is also a good time for love; expect loved ones to support in all your endeavours. Success too shall come your way now.

This month may bring a mixed bag of ups and downs for you, especially on the personal front. There will be success in matters close to your heart, but it may come at a cost of mental stress. Don’t let the sudden tensions or disputes with colleagues get the better of you, certainly not at the cost of your health. Don’t lose heart if a loved one fails to see your perspective. You may buy land or a new vehicle, this month.


This may turn out to be a good month for you. Gains in the financial and knowledge domain are foreseen. There may be situations, where you’ll get to demonstrate your leadership skills. Besides, sudden changes and plenty of activities in the workplace may give you more chances to showcase your skills. Your responsibilities may increase too. Don’t worry, as you will get good support from your loved ones. Health will be fine.

This month shall bring for you, both sweet and bitter moments. Make the most of the sweet ones, and do your best to dodge the bitter ones. Expenses may increase, which may make you feel slightly financially unstable or insecure. On the other hand, you shall get full co-operation of your family members. For family life on the whole, this month will be satisfactory. A long journey is indicated, which may turn out to be profitable

Your interest in spirituality will increase. If you have been facing any chronic or critical disease, or other adversities, this is a good month for recovery and rejuvenation. You will win against your enemies. However, on the whole, the professional matters may bring you only mixed results. Keep doing as well as you can, and don’t let the efforts from your end dry up. The results shall follow soon.

The month ahead looks set to be a dynamic and positive one. You shall realise that the hard work holds the key to your progress and growth. Keep striving, and God shall back you. You will be brimming with positive energy, and that shall give you a competitive edge. Your thoughts too shall be goal-oriented, and you may soon see success coming your way. Some new sources of earning/ money may present themselves. The cash inflow looks set to be good too.

This month may bring you auspicious results. Your work atmosphere will be peaceful, and you shall get ample cooperation from your colleagues and partners. Your financial condition may improve, and many lucrative opportunities may surface. You may acquire a property or a vehicle around this time. However, be careful in your personal relationships. The time may serve to be tough for your married/ love life.

This month may bring only average results for the Scorpio natives. The rising work pressure may become a cause of concern for you, and it might bring some stress and tension. You may feel down-charged in the matters related to money and finances. Take care! On the social front though, you may have a great time with friends. But, be super cautious while driving. In love, don’t be pretentious; remain true to your self. Pressure at work and home may make you short-tempered.

This may turn out to be a hectic month for you, what with a chock-a-block schedule threatening to burst at the seams occupying most of your time and attention. You may remain busy owing to many reasons. And, as your responsibilities escalate, you may find yourself stressing more than usual. You will need good understanding and support from partner, and that shall be present for you. However, excess work or stress may take a toll on your health.

This is going to be a fantastic month for most Capricorn natives. Career and professional matters may take up the centre-stage, yet you won’t seem to mind working on these development plans. However, make time for socialising too, as this is an excellent time to expand your circle. You may be learning new things now. And, your proactive approach may help you make use of these favourable situations to the hilt. Your elders shall be supportive.

This looks set to be a prosperous month for you. Any hindrances pertaining to your professional success and interpersonal relationships may be removed. Your communication skills shall come handy this time. Destiny too shall favour you, yet do remember to utilize your intellectual ability and past experiences to judge the situations. Your financial condition may receive a boost. And, what’s more ? your spouse shall support you well.

The month looks set to bring you mixed results on various spheres. The overall planetary combinations do not deny success, but the results won’t flow in on their own. Hard work is highly recommended, and once you put in your best efforts, you’ll not regret that you did. At times, you may feel that luck isn’t supporting you. Don’t borrow money or apply for loans this month. Your enemies may increase, but be rest assured that they won’t be able to harm you.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Ameesh Sharma
The GaneshaSpeaks Team