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What has Cupid in-store for the new brides?

What has Cupid in-store for the new brides?

All the Rams for whom the wedding bells are soon-to-ring this year will surely gain a lot from their marriage, feels Ganesha. But because Nodes are in square with your sun sign, you may have to fly across seven seas and settle there. This may make you homesick initially. Also, since Saturn’s hard transit is likely to happen soon, you may have to face some teething problems at the marital front.

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Bulls may have to fight it out really hard for good compatibility with their partners, if they are getting married this year. Still, you may need a little time to know and understand each other, and make the relationship work. Give it its due! Ganesha advises you to be calm and patient; love and care will act as healing balms to soothe ruffled feathers of your spouse.

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Anything you take up may seem challenging initially, but applying the right formula may soon help you find solutions to any of your problems. Similarly, the initial downpour of responsibilities may create confusion for you. Just follow your instincts and do your duty. Stop being judgemental, and stay away from uncalled for discussions. As Ganesha says, unconditional love sans arguments is the perfect recipe for a happy marriage!

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Life is not a bed of roses, and that’s what you realise during the first year of your marriage. You may face some difficulties due to adverse transit of Nodes. Learn to adjust, and let go of petty issues, which may take an ugly turn, if not handled prudently. Don’t bog down your beloved with a whirlpool of over-powering emotions. Adjusting as per the now changed domestic environment may take a little time, but will come to you eventually. According to Ganesha, patience is the key to all life’s locks.

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As you begin a new chapter of your life this year, you may face some financial problems, initially. However, few years down the line you may realise that it was a blessing in disguise, and you and your spouse have been able to save a good amount of money. Relationships are fragile, and come with an invisible note of ‘handle with care’, especially when egos are at work. Keep the special surprise element alive in your married life by inviting friends and throwing parties, every now and then.

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It’s important for you to know that honeymoon period is meant to be brief. It can’t continue forever. Enjoy it while it lasts, but then understand that life will have to be dealt with more seriously. According to Ganesha, you will have to be more organised and plan for the future. Implementing a flexible approach towards new people, and places will make things easier for you. Life can be happier, if you apply the correct formula, which lies in adjustment and compromise.

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Physical and material comforts shall be on the cards, if you are planning to get married this year, predicts Ganesha. Both of you may share a sizzling chemistry in bed. Besides great compatibility, you may even share common ideas like buying a dream house or relocating to a better place, post marriage. Yet, within three years of happy and healthy married life, you may feel a deep need of rejuvenating your love life; this may invite some important decision like extending a family.

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Ganesha advises you to avoid dominating your partner; this may only make a good marriage go bad. Reserve power plays only for the boardrooms! At home, instead, try to understand your spouse’s needs and support him. Think twice before taking up anything new. Give a warm welcome to guests or family members; this may improve your equations with the near and dear ones. There may be some delay in childbirth; be patient.

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You may often feel that marriage is a bond, which has nearly cut your wings of freedom. Despite this nagging feeling, you may have a strong emotional and physical bonding with your partner. Soon after the marriage, you may see a new member in your family, playing and babbling in your lap. Great wisdom comes with great experiences, and you may exactly follow this idea to overcome the challenges of life.

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Spending quality time with your partner and heart to heart communication are the vital components of a happy and healthy marriage. They not only nurture this bond, but also give you a serene state of mind. Let your spouse know that you value your relationship, and are happy to spare time for him. It is also important for you to realise that every relation comes with responsibilities, so do not treat it as a burden. According to Ganesha, managing these duties and responsibilities have a joy of their own. Enjoy the lovely transition from being single to married!

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The Water-Bearers will have to act with extra caution, especially while dealing with their partners. Disillusioned and lost is how you may feel sometimes. No two individuals are same, and there are chances of differences. However, it can be sorted out gracefully by speaking up rather than playing the blame game. As Ganesha says, try and put yourself in your partner’s shoes to view the situation objectively. Marriages are celebrated as two people come together; let the world know that you are happy to be with each other!

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All you Fishes who are tying the knot this year, may feel that you are sacrificing a lot for your family. At the same time you may also feel that your compromises and adjustments for the sake of the family are going unnoticed. Materialistic needs like gifts and gold are a part of marriage,and you’ll be loaded with them, but your emotional demands or needs may remain unfulfilled. Be calm and patient. Try to understand your partner’s nature and needs, after which you may find it easier to come to terms with the changes in life.

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