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What does 2011 behold for your Career Graph?

What does 2011 behold for your Career Graph?

Feeling stagnant in your present job and desperately seeking a way out? Your career graph giving you nightmares? Career, job, promotion, boss, appraisal, raise, salary – all or one of these making your life hellish? Or are you getting pushed into a wrong job by a parent, spouse or friend? Is it the coveted crossroads of your life when you need to choose just the right career that will be both satisfying and lucrative?

Whatever be the case, when it comes to work, job, career and work-life balance, never take things half-heartedly or carelessly. And, in these competitive
times, you can’t really afford to do that! One wrong move, and before you know, you may have jeopardised your long-term career hopes! Halt, stop, behold – make sure you have some idea in advance of what’s in store for you when it comes to this vital area of your life. Your sun-sign can be a sure shot way of finding some special nuances of you as a career-person, and how things will shape up for your career in the coming times.

And, that is why we are here with some snapshots of your career and work-life in the approaching year 2011. Let the peculiarities of your Sun-sign guide
you to the right career path in the coming year.

Aries – Your new found energy levels and enthusiasm will take you by surprise, especially in the beginning of the year. Believe in your strengths; shake all the doubts off your mind. Through the year 2011, you can expect your prosperity and power to escalate. Jupiter transiting through your own sun sign will ensure you come out with flying colours in everything you attempt, and that includes work, research, higher education and money-making activities. However, be wary of challenges thrown in your way by Saturn’s entry. Don’t take negative criticism to heart; focus on enhancing your creative abilities instead. And, learn to balance your personal and professional life.

Taurus – The year may begin on a slightly negative note, when it comes to work. Yet, come February and you’ll see things becoming noticeably positive. Work will keep you extremely busy, therefore prepare a well-planned game in advance; utilise your energies well. As Jupiter travels in your 12th angle, you may feel a little withdrawn and even slightly disillusioned. Take it easy! You are naturally poised and elegant, and this year Jupiter will enhance it even more; make use of this charm and magnetism at the workplace to get great results and outshine rivals. Saturn in your 6th House later in the
year indicates a major change in the nature of your work. You may even need to relocate for career prospects!

Gemini – Your professional life will have a strong influence of Saturn and Venus, creating encouraging circumstances for your professional ambitions.
Also, the year 2011 will bring positive vibes, which will be like a guiding star on your path to success. Jupiter will ease many things for you on the career front; you may feel as if work is all play, as bosses will favour you and subordinates will support you. Yet, remember the key lies in adaptability and flexibility! New plans and projects are also in the pipeline, and so is some income augmentation. Be creative and innovative when dealing with sudden
challenges or failures.

Cancer – Your creative-streak will come to the fore in the year 2011, leading you to think and be a part of many new ideas and projects. Jupiter in your 10th angle will let you touch the zenith of achievement in the coming year. Well, almost! You will have things swinging in your favour, and it will be entirely your call as to how you’ll utilise these Godsend opportunities. Joint investments, boost in income, favours from superiors, promotions – all are on the cards. Saturn’s effect may also restrict you, and you’ll need to be very careful of your health as your workload and strain increase.

Leo – Jupiter will help you initiate some pet projects in 2011. Work will get demanding, but you’ll sail through. During the times when everything will be going through a transition of sorts, your colleagues will expect you to play the role of a navigator. When the burden of the hopes and expectations of others bogs you down, rely upon your abilities and inner-strength. You’ll also need to take some time for careful introspection; see if you find some career and business prospects boiling under. Areas of communication, electronics, computers will be very advantageous for you.

Virgo – The planets may play hide and seek with you this year. Your sources of income may multiply and on the other hand you may suddenly lose a
lucrative opportunity. Be careful! Communication is the key for the year 2011. It will help you smoothen your relations with your colleagues. Be a team player; perform your duties well. Anything that requires research will interest you this year. You will see your faith in God and spirituality increasing. Loss of money owing to Saturn’s positioning is a possibility; keep an eye open for back-stabbers/ rivals at work.

Libra – Money will be an area of concern for you during the year 2011. No matter how badly you want to execute ideas, remember to seriously consider the financial aspect of the whole project. Also, be vigilant, as there are fair chances of some miscalculations at work. Also, remember that the year
2011 will have relationships of all sorts at its heart. Focus on improving your relations with your boss, colleagues, subordinates and business partners, and you’ll see your career graph rising. Teamwork and adopting an understanding approach will greatly help you. Field of public relations investment banking, property dealing etc. will be lucrative.

Scorpio – You will sail smoothly into the waters of the professional world throughout the year 2011. This is a very fruitful period for those in the fields of
science, politics, media, public relations and any such profession that involves dealing with various types of people. In times of troubles, Jupiter will give you strength. Just guard your health well, as you’ll not wish to squander this useful period lying at home in sickness!You may need to take care of HR functions at your workplace. Immigration or relocation is also a possibility.

Sagittarius – In the beginning of the year 2011, your energies may remain focused on love, relationships, entertainment and fun rather than work and career, owing to Jupiter’s placement. Your relationships may even sometimes hold you back or slow down your progress. However, your efforts will
double as well as bear fruits post June. Focus on the overall development rather than just concentrating on petty details. It’s a good time to also focus on your personal growth. Also, be flexible in your approach, and refrain from being a very strict boss. Maintain a broad vision and purpose in life as well as career to achieve overall success.

Capricorn – The influence of Sun and Pluto will be great for your pet projects. There is a strong possibility of you being an important part of a new group or a project at work. You will be supportive to your colleagues. Jupiter in your 4th angle will make you concentrate on your home affairs, but you?ll not neglect your work. You may buy a new home or office space. 2011 will also see you getting the goodies of life, and that indirectly means an income boost. Saturn, however, as always will demand hard work from you, but in return it’ll raise your prestige and power. Learn to delegate work or you will end up exhausting yourself.

Aquarius – In the beginning of the year, Mars will support you at work. Your career will have a fresh flavour to it, especially after May, 2011. It may be a new job, promotion, or a new project. If you are a self-employed person, you will set your eyes on something that will give you long-term recognition. Writing, teaching, research, advertising, public relations, communications will interest you, and you’ll succeed here. You’ll need to polish your diplomatic as well as organizational skills though. Learn to pay heed to correspondence, mails, contacts and colleagues at work.

Pisces – You are a friendly person, and that is your trump card in the professional world. You will be able to analyse people and situations precisely. Consider simple facts of life and bridge the gap between you and the success you desire to achieve in 2011. Jupiter in your 2nd angle will only make things easier for you. You’ll excel in your work, and will see your material wealth increasing. Plans that you make now for future will be expansive and larger than life. Take tax matters, legalities, loan issues and contracts, if any, seriously. Have faith in God and face challenges with courage.

Irrespective of the gender, nationality and caste, ‘career’ is the word that holds immense significance in the busy, cut-throat world of today. As
already said that while a wise decision may add a feather in your cap, an error may bring you to the square one or even cost you your career. Follow the aforementioned guidelines by Ganesha, based on your Sun Sign in 2011 to reinforce your beliefs, and take your career graph to newer heights.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team