15 Ways of Scorpios in 2015 – Should Or Should Not!
1. You are loyal to the core, and this year too, despite being presented with temptations on a platter, you shall remain faithful to your spouse, company, or business partner. Add to this your ability to keep secrets, and people may simply come to trust you with their internal stuff.
2. You are extremely independent by nature, and no amount of pressurising will be able to shake your resolve to achieve something you have set your mind to.
3. Add to this your determination, and it is almost a sure-shot formula for success…but don’t let any adulation, which you are bound to get, go to your head.
4. You may not exactly be a social butterfly, but you sure love to be in full control of your domestic and personal circumstances and relationships, but try not to be too possessive about your loved ones.
5. You have an excellent memory, which can actually cut both ways. If someone has done you a good turn, you shall make sure you repay it; and if someone has harmed you, God save him!
6. Most of you may not have a slapstick sense of humour, but there is no denying that you shall make for extremely interesting company with your ability to see the lighter side of things.
7. You are upfront, sometimes even blunt, in your personal, professional or business dealings, and you do not hesitate in sharing your insights. Naturally, people who work with you shall be charmed and enlightened in your association. But, they may also be a little wary or careful of your intelligent, sometimes harsh ways.
8. Your resilience, however painful the process may be, is often the key to your success, and this year too whenever you come up against obstacles, you will have your plan-B and plan-C ready.
9. Your desire to learn new things is never ending, although not many people shall be able to tell from your outer appearance, that you could be as curious as you shall be this year.
10. This year, it is possible that you shall end up being too jealous of what other people possess and you don’t; but you shall mask it quite well, and will use it as a motivating force to work harder.
11. You shall not be satisfied with the superficial meaning of things, and, through the study of spirituality or some occult sciences, try your best to figure out the true purpose of your life.
12. This year your intensity in your relationships is bound to show through, no matter how hard you try to hide it, and a member of the opposite sex may fall in love with you.
13. You are one of the most misunderstood Signs of the Zodiac, largely because of your own tendency to become secretive, confused and tie yourself in all sorts of knots. Relax, for a change this year, and be a little pliable, when looking at things requiring all sorts of perspectives.
14. In your desire to achieve your strong ambitions this year, you could well end up stamping on the feet of other people and shall incur their wrath. Do not do that, or you may lose on some great possibilities or friendships.
15. Your temperamental and dominating attitude could alienate you from your near and dear ones, and you may well have to face the rebellion of your children or younger ones in the family, this year. Also, agreed that you do not take betrayal lying down, but understand and accept the ways of this world. Do not be vindictive at any cost!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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