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Your way or the highway? 15 Quirks of the free spirited Sagittarius…

Your way or the highway? 15 Quirks of the free spirited Sagittarius…

1. You have such a strong sense of independence that this year you are likely to turn down an extremely lucrative job offer, just because the company won’t let you function “your way”.

2. You have been smitten by the travel bug – for life, and this year, you are very likely to plan to undertake an elaborate trip, preferably a world tour – only you may not be able to afford it!

3. You shall make some very good friendships owing to your encouraging, positive nature, and then you shall make sure that you keep your friends in good humour.

4. You shall win the love and affection of your spouse because of your lack of a sense of possessiveness and your explicit policy of “live and let live”.

5. You shall put your sense of humour to good use this year, and the outcome will mostly be positive, but be careful that your propensity to state the blunt truth – sometimes, to the degree of you being rude and the other person getting embarrassed, in the process – does not hurt others.

6. Though most people you come in contact with this year shall get along with you easily, the highly structured kind of people may find it difficult to cope with your laid back way of life and easy-going attitude.

7. You may seem to always be running late, which may make you miss out on a date or an important occasion, at times simply because you may have drifted off into the past or the future and forgotten the Now.

8. Those among you who are trying to make a career on the stage (or in some other creative field) – and there will be many – shall taste success, because you have the talent for entertaining people.

9. Not a stickler for minute detail, you tend to dislike paying attention to every small thing, and would rather stick to the bigger picture. This may also make you pass off some responsibility on to others.

10. You are so optimistic and positive that deep down you believe that no matter what has happened, something good is always around the corner and the sun will shine again. This attribute of yours may seem over-the-top to some, and may irritate them, at times.

11. It comes naturally to you to be ready to experiment a lot. You are so curious that you shall find yourself digging deep to find the true meaning of your life, and shall not be satisfied with superficial explanations.

12. This spiritual, detached side of yours can sometimes make you so unemotional and insensitive at times that you could end up alienating your near and dear ones. In times of crisis, thus, you may not get their support.

13. Your propensity for taking risks could land you in trouble this year, especially in the relationship realm, where you may not take proper precautions in an intensely physical relationship – you are likely to have or crave for.

14. If you find someone getting too clingy – and this is a strong possibility – keep your safe distance, and make it clear to the other person that this will not do. But, please be polite!

15. The one thing you really need to be very careful about this year is not to take a relationship too far, if you are not willing to commit yourself for the long-term. And, if you already are in a relationship, stay true and committed. Do not resent the responsibilities that come with these special bonds! After all, rights and duties go hand in hand.

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