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15 times when your modern and novel ways will reveal your inner Aquarius in 2015…

15 times when your modern and novel ways will reveal your inner Aquarius in 2015…

1. You will be so fiercely independent this year that nothing will be able to pin you down. You will not hesitate to do what you think is best for you (and the humanity) in any given situation…

2. …which some people may misconstrue, as being too selfish on your part, but you know deep down that you mean no harm to anyone around you.

3. You shall invariably strive to win in every battle of wit that you have to encounter this year; some of it is inborn, but much of it comes from your being so well-read and so forward thinking.

4. But, remember that being witty doesn’t mean that you can go around with a hack-saw cutting other people short. Don’t worry, for on most occasions you won’t do that any way, as you’re too smart for that, and you don’t want to incur anyone’s wrath.

5. You shall also be innovative, clever and modern in your thoughts, actions and speech, coming up with practical ideas to achieve your goals even in situations, which your co-workers at work and loved ones at home may think are too difficult to navigate.

6. When you see a friend in distress this year, you shall go out of your way to help him/her out, thereby proving that a friend in need is a friend indeed.

7. Although from outside, you may appear to be too detached to people and things around you, you shall be soft inside, but this is an aspect that only your intimate friends shall be able to gauge.

8. You are a fun, amiable person to be around with, and you shall offer off-the-cuff ideas for outings, such as camping trips or little excursions, which will help people recharge their batteries. You love to travel, and your wanderlust is an extension to your fun loving, zany side that keep rebelling against tradition, every now and then.

9. The big picture is what you shall be focussed on (this year too), but in the process, it is very likely that you may end up compromising on minor details, which may cost you dearly.

10. Once you have decided to do something, it will be practically impossible for anyone to dissuade you, even with empirical evidence – that such methods have failed before…You love to experiment and experience really is the biggest teacher, as per you.

11. …and the other negative tendency, which you are likely to exhibit this year, shall be going off into your own shell, when things don’t go or don’t seem to be going your way. Learn to take ups and downs in your stride, reminds Ganesha.

12. Also, being a stickler for truth that you are, this year you may end up hurting others by saying the blunt truth, without a tinge of emotion. You would also do well to control this tendency.

13. Though, you may, at times, wonder, whether what you are doing is really helpful to you or to others, you will not care too much about what other people think, in general, or about a certain aspect of your personality, life or work.

14. Your ‘live and let live’ policy shall win you many friends this year, and the fact that you provide so much intellectual stimulation and inspiration to others will raise your social prestige.

15. You will get bored easily with the routine work, whether it is at home or at your workplace, and will be willing to embrace ‘change’ wholeheartedly.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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