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Ways to express that you are Sorry- Prediction for each sun sign

Ways to express that you are Sorry- Prediction for each sun sign

Every sun sign has its own way of apologizing. According to Ganesha’s view, here are some techniques that each sun sign applies while apolozing:

Ganesha thinks that Arians firstly do not believe that they could have done something that requires apology! They would never kneel down to express apology. If at all they are in a situation where in they `have’ to say it – it would be plain, simple and flat “Sorry”.

Taureans are afraid of facing others when they make a mistake. By the time they prepare themselves to say Sorry, damage has already been done! Ganesha often finds Taureans making foes out of friends due to their negligence of expressing sorry.

Ganesha has observed that Gemini believe that they are so perfect that they do not really have to apologize for anything. However, if at all they realise that they have made a mistake, they will pretend as if noting has gone wrong! They will try to behave as normal as possible with the person they have hurt and refrain from reminding the matter which requires apology.

As per Ganesha’s view, sentimental Cancerians may make you feel sorry for demanding apology! If they want to express how much they repent for what has gone wrong, they might even burn their hands or do something which makes you feel sorry for them and finally you decide not to ask for apology from them anymore!

Ganesha feels that Leos can go down on their knees or send you a bunch of flowers or even a nice `sorry’ card to express their apology. Sometimes it can be fun to induce Leos just to see them realising their follies.

Ganesha notes that methodical and well organized Virgos may fix the time and date when they feel the need to express apology. They need to be mentally ready to express their feelings. They will draft the script to express how regretted they are feeling and finally read it out in front of you. Their most heartfelt scripts sound like well planned ones.

Ganesha has found Librans to be quite expressive and vocal when they realise their mistakes. They are the most sincere ones to express their follies and may also go out of the way just to make you realise how much they feel for the matter. It is the best sign which never hesitates saying `Sorry’!

For Scorpions, expressing Sorry is just a formality. They might send a card or use other means of communication to express their regret instead of facing you. The reason behind this, as per Ganesha’s observation, is that Scorpions do not actually think that they have done something wrong. Even if they have, they don’t find it to be a big deal!

Ganesha thinks that Archers do not actually believe in apologies. This is just because they feel that `To err is human’. On the other hand, if others make mistake, they would let go very easily. In short, they hardly believe in saying sorry nor they expect others to apologize. Read more about Sagittarius.

Capricornians do not believe in saying sorry but if others make mistakes, they would surely expect logical and convincing answer for the same. They would like if someone apologises in written format like email, short message or a letter. Ganesha finds that when it’s Capricornia’s turn to say sorry, they might refrain from doing so.

Water Bearer Aquarians would try to undo the damage done if they make a mistake. It doesn’t matter for them much whether they internally feel sorry for the matter or not but they will surely try to improve situation by using their intellect and make you feel better, says Ganesha.

Pisceans hardly believe in apologies! According to Ganesha’s view, Pisceans feel that it’s all about perspective! You may find it to be a big mistake, but Pisceans may not find it to be the matter to be sorry for! Do not expect apologies from them.

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