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Are You A Virgo? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Are You A Virgo? Know Which Zodiac Sign Is Your Friend and Enemy

Virgo zodiac sign is a mutable water sign and the individuals of Virgo are refined. It is ruled by the communicative planet, Mercury. Virgo individuals are little-bit shy in nature so they take some time in establishing a bond with someone.

Virgo individuals usually have trustworthy and long-lasting friends. They selflessly support your friends and are devoted and dependable on them.

Compatibility is also based on Moon signs. Get a consultation from our expert astrologers and know which moon signs can be your best friend match or worst enemies.

Let us see who is Virgo’s best match and who is the worst enemy for Virgo.

Virgo best compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

Best Friend match for Virgo


You and Taurus individuals have a natural liking and understanding of each other. The loving and trustful nature of Taurus makes you highly comfortable when you are dealing with them. You always help your Taurus friends whenever they ask for aid or support. Both the earth signs have a lot of common interests and enjoy each other’s company.


Taurus friendship with Cancer individuals is very close and lasts for a lifetime. You appreciate the mysterious ability of your Cancer friends to soothe your burning nerves. Your friends adore your way of remembering their birthdays every time. The Moonchild and Mercury child feel supportive when they are together. You are capable of tolerating the emotional outburst of Cancerians. They teach you the value of unconditional and never-ending love and you teach them to be bold and not to cry for unnecessary things.


Your friends would be well organized and keep everything clean the way you expect from your friends. Both being ruled by Mercury are fascinating conversationalists. Your friend would inform you of all the details of the current affairs you want to know. Both of you are high in spirit and extremely talented. Long drives would fascinate Virgo individuals.


Scorpio is the best sign for you and you would feel an immediate bond with them. Only you can crack the uncanny Scorpio individuals. They have a soft spot for you due to your willingness to help others and keep promises all the time. Scorpio individuals have all the qualities you admire. You two together usually bring exciting changes and bring out the best in each other.


You have a very strong bond with Capricorn individuals and it would not break in a lifetime. Both the earth signs share similar values and have a natural liking and understanding of each other. You and your friends feel safe and secure when you are together. Both are hard workers and love to engage in the task. You both love traveling and going on holiday too.


Virgo and Pisces are astrologically opposite to each other even though they make fast friendships. Your quality to keep everything well organized and short stories you share with them is highly appreciated by Pisces individuals. Pisces individuals patiently listen to all your talks and you turn their dreams into reality.

Virgo worst enemy: Gemini, Sagittarius

Worst enemies for Virgo


Gemini and Virgo signs are ruled by the planet Mercury. You are sincere and stable whereas Gemini individuals are unstable and take things lightly. You have concrete ideas to work upon and they usually come up with ambiguous ideas. Gemini individuals don’t like your perfectionist attitude and you don’t like their negligence attitude.


Virgo and Sagittarius often find odds in each other. Virgo gets bewildered by the sweeping vision of Sagittarius individuals. They get deflated by your precise and cautious approach. You usually can’t cope with each other’s idiosyncrasies. You don’t understand their denial to settle down and they don’t understand your analytical behavior.

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