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Venus’ transit through Pisces during 2009

Venus’ transit through Pisces during 2009

Venus will be transiting through its sign of exaltation i.e. Pisces from 27th January 2009 to 30th May 2009, as per the Vedic Astrology System. Venus will be retrograde between 8th March to 17th April 2009. Pisces is the sign ruled by Jupiter. It rules distant places, secrets, confusions and has a great depth too, being a watery Sign. In fact, all watery signs rule emotions, but Pisces is an ‘over-sensitive’ sun sign, says Ganesha.

About Venus

The second closest planet to the Sun is Venus. As per Babylonian Pantheon, Ishtar is a goddess of fertility, love, and war and the same is now known as Venus. Sumerians call it Inanna or Innin or even Ennin. You would be very surprised to know that in the ancient Greece, Phosphorus was the name used for Venus. Hesperus was the Latin name meaning, ‘the one who brings the dawn’. In India, it is known as ‘Shukra’. Shukra was Bhrigu Rishi and his wife Urjaswati’s son. Shukra was born in the year Paarthiva (new year), when it was Shravan Shuddha Ashtami and the Swati constellation was rising. Shukra went to study the Vedas from Rishi Angirasa, but as Angirasa was favouring his son Brihaspati, Shukra decided to study under the guidelines of Rishi Gautama. To achieve more power and knowledge, Shukra decided to perform a penance to appease Lord Shiva. In return, he received the Sanjeevani Mantra (power to revive the dead creatures including human beings).

In Astrology, Venus rules two Signs viz. Taurus and Libra. It gets exalted (becomes powerful) in Pisces and gets debilitated (weakens) in Virgo. Venus rules Arts, wealth in general, opposite sex, material pleasures, reproduction or reproductive organs and kidney. The powerful Venus can easily attract the opposite sex, and it also indicates the artistic abilities that one possesses.

Pisces Sign and the mythological reference
Eros (Kamdev in Indian mythology) and his mother Aphrodite had to save themselves from a devil named Typhon, so, while escaping from the situation, they both turned themselves into fishes, and tried to hide underwater. They tied their tails with a cord so that they don’t lose each other (This is why they are seen as going in opposite/different directions), specifically because the water was too dark and deep down there. When Zeus, the Greek ‘King of Gods ‘, the God that rules sky and thunder, both came to know about this event, he decided to place Eros and Aphrodite in the Zodiac and that’s how Pisces came into the existence, as the fishes went in two different directions.

The effect of Venus’ transit through Pisces on all Moon Signs

You may have a great time with your beloved or life partner. There will be a strong desire to enjoy a vacation with your family members or beloved ones. There are chances of getting into a clandestine affair. You may become a spendthrift, while Venus transits through Pisces. Ongoing business partnership or personal unions may undergo a reform. Read more about Aries.

Ganesha advises you to take good care of your health. If you take physical or mental over-exertion, then you may feel exhausted due to lack of vitality. You may make new friends of the opposite sex or may have great joy with your loved ones. This is the right time to join groups or communities. Read more about Taurus.

Career progress will be your prime focus. You will be willing to find a better or much more comfortable job, while Venus transits through Pisces. If you stay put with the current organization, then you will be given more comforts and facilities. Relations with superiors may also improve, says Ganesha. You may be appreciated or acknowledged by a group of people. Read more about Gemini.

You will be willing to go for higher studies or may be willing to learn something new to hone your personal/professional skills. Journeys undertaken during this phase would be very comfortable. Trip to a foreign land is also possible. You may also have unexpected financial gains, while Venus transits through Pisces. Read more about Cancer.

There may be sudden stroke of luck but with some amount of delay. You may receive your ancestral property or may be benefited by your elders in some other manner. Alternatively, benefits through in-laws are also foreseen. Ganesha finds you getting satisfied after having a look at the balance amount in your joint account. During this phase, you may enjoy great closeness with your life partner or beloved. Read more about Leo.

New personal or professional unions may begin in this period and they may remain beneficial throughout the period. There may be sudden and positive spark in the ongoing personal relationship, be it an old marriage or a newly found love relationship! This is the best time to exchange gifts with the partner or a very good time to woo and propose someone, you love the most! Read more about Virgo.

Your day-to-day life will be full of romance while Venus transits through Pisces. You will be in a mood to sacrifice your joy, to add delight to your loved one’s life, but in return you will be showered with intense love and nurturing. In short, it’s time to romanticise. If you are single and looking, then this is the right time to start interacting with someone regularly. At work, you may be given more comforts/facilities to function in a better manner. Read more about Libra.

If you are single and looking, then there are all chances of sweet encounter with someone very charming while Venus transits through Pisces. If you are an artist, then you will perform very well. Students may do very well in studies. You will be least bothered about anything else, and may just produce the best out of given opportunities. Read more about Scorpio.

Your mind will be focussed on domestic affairs and you will try your best to make your homely environment more comfortable. Purchase of a new vehicle is also possible. You may also add furniture or luxurious items to your immediate environment. Ganesha foresees you having happy times at home. Read more about Sagittarius.

You will communicate more frequently with the friends of the opposite sex. Ganesha foresees you spending money behind expensive electronic gadgets, while Venus transits through Pisces. You will undertake short distance journeys more frequently and these trips will be very comfortable. Benefits through communications are also foreseen. Read more about Capricorn.

This is a very good time for financial matters. Though your joint accounts may have insufficient balance while Venus transits through Pisces, your individual bank account will be flooding! In short, lady fortune is smiling at you during this phase. So, instead of spending money extravagantly, you are suggested to develop a tendency to save. Read more about Aquarius.

Your perplexity related to the matters of love though would be very high, here you will feel deep love for someone. This phase indicates financially sound status and romantic times in your life. Ganesha suggests you to make a choice, instead of remaining tentative about love and relationships. If you are already married, then this is a good time to cultivate better understanding with your partner. During this phase, you may look very charming. Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless us all with great joy and comfort in life, while Venus transits through Pisces.

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