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Venus Transit Through Pisces – By Moon Signs

Venus Transit Through Pisces – By Moon Signs

Venus Transit Through Pisces – By Moon Signs
Venus transits through Pisces…..Venus signifies love, relationships, creativity, luxuries and, in general, a good life. Pisces is a dreamy, watery Sign, often known for its romanticism and sensitivity. Venus yet again transits through Pisces from 17th March 2013 – What does this transit augur for various Moon Signs? Read on.

The Venus transit lights the fire under your romantic sector. Good news? Yes and no! Because, the stars and planets shall now favour clandestine affairs, secret trysts, and if you are involved in any such relationship, you shall be in for a pleasant surprise. And, understandably, if you are married or committed, you will need to steer clear of temptations, as there will many. Maintain loyalty in your committed relationships. The transit may also make you more serious in the matters of love, thereby making you mature when it comes to differentiating between lust and love. Expenses look set to increase. Certain personal and professional partnerships may require reform, adds Ganesha.

The Venus transit through Pisces looks set to bring some novelty in your love life – either through a new person or through new feelings. The elevated position of Venus in the 11th Sign from your Sign indicates establishment/ strengthening of emotional bonds with friend(s) – maybe a special friend. This transit augurs well for friendships. In short, you may start developing stronger feelings or liking for someone whom you already know well – either as a close friend or as an acquaintance in your friend circle. If proposing someone has been on your mind for quite some time – this is a good time and opportunity. Joy trips and fun times are also foreseen, says Ganesha. Have fun!

This Venus transit, you probably shall not have much time to think about love and the matters of heart. Why? Maybe, because you feel contended already, which is a great thing. Or, maybe, because right now, you have decided to focus completely and fully on your career matters. Venus also boosts income and luxuries, and that is why you may expect to secure a better position/ designation in the organization that you have been working for. A promotion is in the offing or even a pay hike! If nothing of this sort is in the pipeline, you may be offered a more comfortable setting or increased facility at your workplace, assures Ganesha.

Love is what you desire, but may not be explicitly ready for it! So, it may be all business for you this Venus transit. There may be other things occupying your attention, around this time, specifically plans for further studies, higher education or long distance trips. All of the above or any one, whichever features on your wish-list looks set to benefit from this Venus transit through Pisces, says Ganesha. If you have been planning to take a break, and head for a leisure trip, the time is ripe; stars shall favour you. You can also expect financial gains, maybe through a windfall or unexpected sources, thanks to this transit.

The Venus transit through Pisces looks set to add value to your partnerships – mostly of the business or professional variety. You may also expect your overall income to increase, mostly owing to that fact that your partner’s income or financial status shall get a boost. If you are into a partnership business, this is a good time, and you can expect business to flourish, again especially thanks to your partner. Besides, there may be some gains from your spouse’s parents’ family/ side in the offing – something that will leave you happy. In the love domain, you may experience a heightened sense of closeness with your spouse/ committed partner. Feel the bliss!

This is the time when your attraction powers shall be specially heightened. You can attract a plenty of admirers, thanks to the Venus’ benign effect. This is a favourable transit, especially if forming a business or a personal partnership has been on your mind. If you already like someone, this is a great time to take the initiative and reveal your feelings. And, if proposing is what you want, go ahead, says Ganesha. Chances of getting a favourable response are higher. For the married ones too, this would be a lovely time, full of contagious cheer and rocking chemistry.

Venus favours your work-sector. You may experience a joyous and stress-free time at your work-place. Also, expect to get a higher dose of comforts, privileges or appreciation at work. In fact, your overall daily routine looks set to get a positive boost from this transit, and thus, you may see yourself enjoying every bit of your work-day. The pace of life also becomes more comfortable, and you luxuriate and bask in the cheery vibes. And, as your work-place becomes, more or less, your Mecca, you may even fall, hook, line and slinker, for a co-worker! Expenses on entertainment, amusement and fun activities, especially to keep a beloved happy, are foreseen.

Love is in the air! Yes, for the Scorpio Moon Sign natives, Venus transit opens up the door to the greatest nirvana – love. This is a good time to open up and express your feelings in front of your friend or partner, and that too in a dramatic way. If you have help back your feelings, owing to apprehensions, be candid. Academically too, this is a good time. If you are student, expect to get a clearer, more constructive thought-process, says Ganesha. Socially, you may find the spotlight, truly and well, fixed on you. Your popularity rises amongst your group of friends or colleagues. And, thanks to all this, you shall feel all buoyant and vivacious. Have fun!

The Venus transit may propel you to add more beauty and harmony to your surroundings, particularly to your home. You may be willing to spend money on renovations, additions to décor and domestic comforts, and may even buy a new vehicle. Around this time, your home will hold a place of pride in your mind and heart, and contrary to your basic liking, you may prefer staying at home, rather than go out to have fun. Your domestic environment shall be calm and happy, and this will leave you very very happy. Expect to spend some loving moments with your spouse, says Ganesha.

This Venus transit shall amplify your communication zone. You may be involved in communicating with myriad people, on myriad levels. You will see the need for clear and frank communication, and may spend a plenty of time talking on phone. Expect your phone bills to escalate. You will also wish to spend more money on purchasing electronic gadgets or instruments that will help you augment your communication facility. Your creativity also looks set to get a boost, thanks to Venus. Make full use of this creative streak, hints Ganesha, and you may attain newer heights.

This Venus transit for you shall be largely about money, says Ganesha. The focus and spotlight shall beam hard and strong on financial matters. You may also expect sudden gains, which shall leave you pleasantly surprised. Certain family gatherings or functions too may keep you happily occupied. Utilise this time to spend quality time with some long-lost family members, like cousins and grandparents. Most importantly, this transit may bring you great benefits from females. Lady Luck shall favour you, so be at your best behaviour the important ladies in your life – all of them, and even if you are a female yourself.

This Venus transit shall leave you in a rather Hamlet-like state of mind, leaving you undecided and confused. There may be a plenty of love proposals or, shall we say options, for you to consider, and you may fail to decide what to accept and what not. Saying yes or no may be monumental task! Funny thing is that the same shall be the state of affairs in your career domain – expect to find multiple job offers for consideration. All this may be attributed to the fact that your personal charm and overall attractiveness shall increase, and people may find you impressive. You may also remain in the limelight, thanks to this transit, says Ganesha.

(Please note that these predictions are based on Moon Signs, and thus are general in nature)

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