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Venus Transit 2017: Venus In Virgo – Will It Boost Your Love Life?

Venus Transit 2017: Venus In Virgo - Will It Boost Your Love Life?

Dates For Venus Transit:

Starts: 9th October 2017 Ends: 3rd November 2017

Venus: The Planet Of Love And Emotions

Venus symbolises love, feelings and emotions. Venus will enter the Earth sign Virgo on 9th October and will stay there until 3rd November 2017. Virgo Men and Virgo Women want their surroundings to be perfect and things get really different when Venus enters the Virgo sign. There are high chances, that during this phase, you may find flaws in your partner and may want to correct them. Your partner may misunderstand this and there are high chances that your romance may turn into conflicts. Your feelings and expressions may not match. You may not be able to show your sensitive side to others. Now, let us see how each of the 12 signs will get impacted due to this transit.

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants. If you want to know your Ascendant/Lagna Sign, click here.]

You will be concerned about the health of one of your family members during this phase as per the Vedic Astrology. You will be too busy with your work and may long for a break as per the Transit of Venus. You may even feel lazy. Your relationship with your colleagues may improve and it may get cordial for some time. You will even want to bring changes in your appearance and may give yourself a new look. This may have a positive impact as you may feel more confident. All these changes will help improve the relationship with your partner and your image will improve. You will also be able to improve your financial situation. You may even do financial planning during this phase. Stars suggest that you will think about your family. Are you facing any issues in your family? You can get it solved if you buy 2018 Personal Life & Relationship Report.

Love Tips: Your inability in maintaining patience and acting without thinking may disturb your love life. So, you need to be careful regarding this.

You may find someone special in your life during this period. You may want to spend the rest of your life with this person. You both will gradually establish a strong mutual relationship according to Venus in Virgo. You will find happiness in your love life. You may even get involved into or initiate a creative activity of your interest. You will spend time in this activity. This activity will even help you in your job. You may even develop some skills which will help you improve your health. As you will be in good health, so you will be able to enjoy more time with your beloved. This will bring you closer to your beloved. Marriage is important in life. Maintaining happiness in the married life is even more important. Are you curious to know the future of your married life? You can know it. Buy the 2018 Marriage Prospects Report.

Love Tips: You may feel possessive about your near and dear ones during this period. But if you maintain patience, things will begin to fall in your favour.

You are likely to redesign your home and do decorations to make your surrounding more beautiful. You may even get interested in some spiritual activities. You will need to be careful regarding your health as per Venus Transit 2017. There are higher chances that you will be in your dream world and not in the real world during this phase. However, these dreams will have a purpose and they will guide you to achieve heights in future. Your relationships will be important and all your hopes and desires will be circulating around your personal life. You will not pay much attention to your social life because you will consider your family more important. Stars are seeing you as a committed family person. However, if you have any issues with any family member, you can buy the 2018 Personal Life & Relationship Report and get it resolved.

Love Tips: You may get too sentimental. You should ensure that you remain careful in relationships.

You will be in an adventurous mood during this transit period. You may plan a short trip with your friends and may visit an amusement park. Your creativity is likely to increase and you will engage in some unique work. You will be in a playful mood in accordance with Venus in Virgo 2017. At the same time, your work will be appreciated. You will take some calculated risks in an effort to procure awards and fulfill your inner desires. These developments will bring about significant changes in your personality. You will want to sort out the relationship with your younger siblings during this period. There are chances that you may take interest in activities like dance or music. You will want to learn more in these two areas. We live for relationships. Relationships keep us connected and involved. However, sometimes relationships can turn ugly and give us trouble. If you are facing a similar situation, you can buy the 2018 Personal Life & Relationship Report and get the problem sorted out.

Love Tips: You should take your relationship seriously and do all that you can to help your loved ones. This will strengthen your relationships.

You will get a lot of attention during this period as you will be popular in personal and professional spheres. You will analyse your financial situation so that you can save more as seen in the effects of Venus transit. Your career may progress slowly and you may not feel satisfied with this. However, there will be growth and you should celebrate even when the growth is not high. You may even spend time on improving your lifestyle and you may even plan to buy a new vehicle during this period. Your communications and other skills will improve and this will make you feel confident. You may also travel to other places which may be related to your work. You will connect with your near and dear ones. This will bring you closer to them. We want to always stay connected with our near and dear ones. Do you want to boost your relationships one step further? If yes, buy the 2018 Personal Life & Relationship Report. You will know your future and will be able to control it.

Love Tips: You will have the intention to build your relationships in an effort to grow in personal and professional life.

You will witness an improvement in personality. Thus, people will be attracted towards you according to Venus transit in Virgo. You will also work on your looks and try to make best your impression on others as per your Virgo traits. Consequently, you will be spending a lot and this may beat your budget. The relationship with your spouse will be smooth. However, you will need to make some changes to progress in career. These changes may not be easy, however, you should accept them as they will help you grow as an individual. You may witness some auspicious moments in your life. You will be part of some religious activity at home. You will have fun and an enjoyable time with your near and dear ones in accordance with Virgo compatibility. We love to enjoy with our family members and close friends. We wish they should always stay with us. Are you curious about your future vis-a-vis the people close to you? You can buy the 2018 Personal Life & Relationship Report and know the future.

Love Tips: Chances are high that Virgo natives may hide their emotions during this period as per Virgo horoscope. However, you should try and express your emotions with your partner.

You may not be able to control your expenses as you may not plan your expenditures in a proper way. There may even be a sudden loss and you may have to let go your savings according to Venus transit in Virgo 2017. It is advisable to take good care of your health. You may undergo some changes which may be unacceptable to you in the initial stage. But gradually you will begin to like this change. Besides, you may want to end something which was close to you. This may be a relationship, some old habit, etc. This time is appropriate to bring in something new in your life. Stars predict financial difficulties for you. Developments like these can deplete your wealth. But you can avoid it by knowing your future. Buy the Wealth Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report and get the golden guidance.

Love Tips: You will have some exciting conversations with your partner. This may bring a new perspective to your relationship.

You will connect with people who are very interesting. You may want to know them more. You will want to see how you get along with them. If you are unmarried, you may even meet your potential partner as seen in the effect of Venus transit in Virgo. If you are already married, the bond with your partner may go stronger during this phase. Your financial situation will witness a low phase during this period. You may not gain as per your expectations and this may cause some financial issues. You will get the support of your friends in this moment of crisis. You may form some groups or associations which is going to increase your knowledge. Your way of expressing emotions will witness a change. This change will help you progress in life. Life is incomplete without marriage as our life partner is our best companion. Do you have any queries about your marriage? Access the Marriage Ask a Question Report and get it settled.

Love Tips: You need to be more cordial with your near and dear ones to get closer to them and know them better.

You are concerned about your career and this transit will make you realise that you don’t need to worry. You are likely to plan your future and you may achieve some of your goals. There is a possibility that you may ignore your current tasks as you will be focusing on your future. This may cause delays and may increase your workload. This time is good to take your friends’ help to succeed in career. You will be worried about your finances however you can manage the situation well if you make sound plans beforehand. Your career may progress the way you want. You will just need to give the direction. Career is very important as our overall success is measured by our performance in career. Stars predict good time for you in career. But you can make the mos
t out of it. Buy the Career Ask Question: Detailed Advice Report and see the change happen in your life.

Love Tips: You may focus a lot on your career. Thus, you may end up ignoring your love life. So, you should try to maintain a balance.

Luck will favour you during this transit phase. You may want to be with your family members most of the time. You will be concerned about your health. It will be a favourable time to look behind and overcome your weaknesses. You should make sure that you don’t jump to any conclusion regarding your goals. You will express love to your partner with a romantic gesture. You may want to learn or read something new in your career. You may even plan higher studies. You may opt for educational opportunities in foreign countries. You may make huge success but it is ultimately love which makes us live better. If you have any query about your love life, you can get it answered with Love Ask A Question Report.

Love Tips: You may mess up your plans and disturb the romantic harmony with your partner. You should remain prepared for any sudden change.

You may find that your plans are not working as per your expectation. There is something or the other always blocking your plans. You may need to put in a lot of efforts as it will be difficult for you to focus on your work and studies. You may experience some negative thoughts which may obstruct your progress. However, you will not give in to these thoughts easily. You will turn more positive and may want to improve your health. You will give more attention to your inner self and analyse the changes that you need to make. Education is important for students. Stars have predicted not an easy time in studies. But you can get it reversed if you take the help of astrology. Buy the Education Ask A Question Report and settle your doubt.

Love Tips: You may feel you are not in the right frame of mind. You should know that your near and dear ones will always be there for you, especially in your low phase.

This will be a favourable phase for you if you are looking for your life partner. If you are married, you will realise the importance of your life partner. You will display some skill of yours which is going to grab the attention of others. You will bring some changes in your appearance and boring routine. You may go out on a short trip and may explore something new. You may even get involved in some spiritual activities. You will take practical decisions in your personal life. You will step forward and get involved in a creative work. But you should not spend all the time in this creative work. As per the prediction, your married life will get more important for you. Do you want to make it shine? If yes, get the Marriage Ask a Question Report.

Love Tips: You should not hesitate to take initiative as the unfolding developments may benefit you.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Aakanksha Jhunjhunwala,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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