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Transitioning To Vegan And Astrology Lifestyle

Have you recently altered the way you think about food? Or your relationship to it? Do you have an urge at the back of your mind to make a change in your food habits?

Today, many people are transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, simply because they are willing to be more sensitive towards other living beings. You may have noticed vegetarians, vegans (no meat, no dairy, no poultry, just plant-based diet), pescatarians (people who eat only fish, no meat), eggetarians (people eating just egg) are increasing in numbers.

What you eat and how you feel about your body is determined by your astrological chart. The planets do play a part in converting you in your food choices.

As per the spiritual sculptures, food is of three types:

Satvik: It is prepared with raw products with fewer spices and seasonings. It has a maximum value of nutrition. Such a diet is preferred if you are in a yogic path.
Rajsik: It is a kind of rich food which includes lots of fat, spices, curries and sweets.
Tamsik: It is generally overcooked, overprocessed. Contains meats and unhealthy products

What type of food we eat also affects our thoughts. Satvik food gives peace, and stability and so it is preferred by Yogic person or during Vrat and pooja. Rajsik food is also good and is offered during festivals or some occasion. Tamsik food choice results in more anger, fat and diseases.

The spiritual planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu, play a key role in your food choices.

Jupiter: Jupiter is a kind of spiritual planet, and its influence on native inspire to go towards Vegetarianism.
Saturn: Saturn is also a planet that is related to justice. Its good aspect also makes a person vegan.
Ketu: Ketu is also a planet for Spiritual growth. It takes you toward simplicity.

Then there are also those planets that make you quite headstrong about following a certain diet. They could lead you to be vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Moon can also be the deciding factor in determining whether or not; you have the mental power to switch food choices.

Then you have four important houses in your horoscope, playing a key part in your food choices.

1st house: This house is connected with the native’s personality and thoughts. It also denotes the will power of an individual. It reflects all that what drives you and makes you the person, you are.
2nd house: This house is directly connected with food habits. It’s the original house of your food intake. It’s also the house of your value system.
9th house: It is related to consciousness and religious value. It’s the house of your Dharma.
12th house: This house is related to spiritualism. It’s the house of what you’re willing to sacrifice and give away for your spiritual growth.

If the planet in good aspect makes a relation with these houses, it makes a native Vegetarian. While in transit or Dasha sequence, the influence of the auspicious planet occurs, in this situation, native changes its food habit and choose a vegan diet.

While Mars, Rahu and Venus are the planets which influence an individual to tend towards non- vegetarian food. Mars is a fiery planet, and it makes you courageous.

Hence, different placements of planets in your horoscope can influence food choices in a certain way. Remember that Vegan astrology is much more than a diet; it is a compassionate lifestyle. It increases Satva Guna in your lifestyle and strengthens your immune system. Whether you go vegetarian, vegan, or cut down your consumption of animal products, you’re taking a step in the right direction.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team