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Vaimanika Shastra – The Ancient Knowledge Source of Making Aircraft

Vaimanika Shastra - The Ancient Knowledge Source of Making Aircraft

The first modern aircraft was built by the Wright Brothers. There was an age gap of around four years in the two brothers, Wilbur and Orville. They had tested their first aircraft on 17th December 1903. In the first test, Orville had flown in the aircraft. He had flown his aircraft at a height of around 36 meters. Thereafter, Wilbur had flown the same aircraft. He had covered the distance up to 200 feet. The third flight was done by Orville and the fourth flight by Wilbur. Wilbur covered the distance of 850 feet in around one minute. Thereafter, different types of aircraft were created. But the principle of flying the aircraft remained the same.

The modern aircraft can be broadly divided into two categories:
1) Lighter than air
2) Heavier than air

But these scientific principles have been taken from the Vedic wisdom and applied in the creation of aircraft. Maharishi Bharadwaj has been called the creator of aircraft science and inventor of the first aircraft. He had written the famous Vimana Shastra or Vaimanika Shastra (The Science of Aeronautics).

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Shloka: मेघोत्पत्तिप्रकरणोक्तशरन्मेधावरणषट्केषु द्वितीया वरणपथे विमानमन्तर्धाय विमानस्थ शक्त्याकर्षणदर्पणमुखात्तन्मेधशक्तिमाहत्य पच्श्राद्विमानपरिवेषचक्रमुखे नियोजयेत् । तेनस्तंभनशक्तिप्रसारणम् भवति, पच्श्रात्तद्दवा रा लोकस्तम्भनक्रियारहस्यम् ॥

The above shloka in the Vimana Shastra mentions some secret details of how to fly an aircraft. In fact, even the science of radar system is mentioned in other related shlokas. There is a detailed explanation of this technique. But here it is being presented in brief. It is stated in the scriptures that by combining different radio waves coming from space, we can create an image making power which can be utilised for tracing the path of invisible aircraft flying in the sky. If you are concerned about your relationships, access the Remedial Solutions for Personal Issues Report.

Also, it is mentioned in the Rig Veda that Devtas (Demigods) had created a three-wheeled rath (chariot) which could fly in the air. In Viman Shastra, 32 secrets have been mentioned. The Kritak secret is one of them. It is stated that using the Kritak secret Vishwakarma, Chhayapurush, Manu and May Danav had created an air-borne craft by using the necessary elements. We can call this an explanation of the hardware.

1) Shaktyugdam (शक्त्युद्गम) (Operated using electricity)
2) Bhootvah (भूतवाह) (Operated using fire, water and air)
3) Dhoomyaan (धूमयान) (Operated using gas)
4) Shikhodgam (शिखोद्गम) (Run using oil)
5) Anshuwah (अंशुवाह) (Run using solar energy)
6) Taramukh (तारामुख) (Run using magnet)
7) Manivaah (मणिवाह) (Run using elements of Moon and Sun)
8) Marutskha (मरुत्सखा) (Run using only air)

Thus, we can say that the wisdom given by the Maharishi Bharadwaj are true and the mention of aircraft used in ancient India was not a figment of the imagination, it was very much real. In fact, various principles in Viman Shastra can now be used to strengthen our technology.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Acharya Dharmadhikari
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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