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Vastu Tips For Positivity Happiness In Home

Vastu Tips For Positivity Happiness In Home

Just as the flaws in the horoscope can be remedied by gems, yantras, worship-recitations, yagyas and donations. In the same way, these five elements earth, water, fire, air and sky can be improved by Vastu to make it favorable for oneself. Keeping in mind the Vastu Shastra, some changes brought in your home have the power to bring a wonderful peace and positive change in your life. If you do not believe, then try this change yourself in your sweet home. A self-evident fact requires no proof?

1. If the wall of the entrance gate is deserted, then put an idol of Ganesh ji here. According to Vastu, a deserted wall indicates loneliness.
2. If the house or building in which you live is in the wrong direction according to the boring Vastu, then it would be good to put a picture of Panchmukhi Hanuman facing the south-west direction.
3. If you want to develop spiritually, then for this meditate towards the North-East direction.
4. For a good vision and planning towards life, you should put a scenery of a long road in the north-east direction.
5. To maintain harmony in the family, place a family photograph or a picture of a sunflower in the south-west direction of the house.
6. According to astrology, the auspiciousness of the Sun keeps your social relations good. Therefore, to keep social relationships bright, place a picture of a rising sun in the east direction.
7. To miraculously improve the studies of children, keep a study table in the east direction of the house.
8. By placing a photo of horses running in the south direction of the house, economic flow starts coming continuously. There is happiness and prosperity in life.
9. To keep the married life healthy, the bed should be with a mattress. Apart from this, the wife should sleep on the left side of the husband.
10. Immediately remove the stuff lying under the bed from there. Useless things don’t let your mind get out of the past, blocking your progress.
11. Never leave the bedroom dark. To keep harmony and peace in the house, avoid using dark colors on its walls.
12. Keep green plants or candles in the bathroom to remove negativity and bring positive energy.
13. To keep relationships good, keep green plants in the east direction of the house.
14. Maintain maximum distance between the gas and the sink in the kitchen.
15. To enhance the relationship, keep the provision of bedroom in the south-west direction.
16. Do not keep the arrangement of sleeping in the corner. These corners of the house basically create unwanted tension in the nervous system.
17. For a better development and to reduce the negative energy of the house, keep the aquarium in the north-east direction of your house.
18. To maintain love and affection in the family, keep a water fountain in the north-east direction of your house.
19. If your house is big then install pyramid in the center point of the house. A properly placed pyramid prevents all the defects of the house or building.

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