Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Valentine This 14th February!

valentine gift idea


This Valentine's Day, give your soul mate everything that will make their day memorable. A completely memorable valentine gift to make your partner feel the top of the world. Easier said than done, though! In this day and age of endless choices and frenetic lifestyles, choosing the perfect gift for your beloved can be, put it mildly, confusing. Searching for the best valentine's day gifts for wife, girlfriend, or would-be girlfriend or wife can be difficult, BRT, we have made it simple for you. 

Here, listen to Ganesha's gifting ideas, giving you valentines day presents ideas based on the Zodiac Signs.


aries gift idea


It's true that Aries pals prefer to party hard every day, but even Valentine's Day is too special a day to celebrate like every other day. Hence, if you are planning to please the Ram, be extra prepared! An Aries loves to be the centre of the attention, so activities that would keep the spotlight on them would surely take them on cloud nine. Here, valentines day gifts would play a huge role in winning her/his heart. And, whatever the valentine gift be, ensure it is not something run-of-the-mill. Put your imagination to the best use, search for unique valentines gifts, that would make the other person feel ultra special. Gifts that challenge the Aries are also greatly appreciated. Puzzles, computer games, do-it-yourself kits, a workbench, tickets to a sporting event, gadgets, designer stiff fit the bill! If you want to give a piece of clothing or accessory, gift something that is associated with the head and face. Specially, the best valentine's day gifts for wife is to give her something that would make her realize how much she means to you. Now, valentines gifts for men should be equally special and romantic. You ought to give unique valentines gifts. If there is a particular question you need to address, first seek astrological guidance through Love Ask A Question report and know how you can deal with the problem in the best possible manner.


taurus gift idea


The Taurus love luxury and sensuality, thanks to their ruler Venus. They make no bones about the fact that they enjoy and appreciate good things in life! Hence, be ready to give them the best valentine gift. A dinner date in an expensive restaurant is good, but choosing a bonfire date is also not a bad option. Bring some fun to the stable Bull's life with a movie outing, a trip to their favourite shopping mall or even a visit to a quiet, secluded spot. Don’t forget to take flowers, especially red roses. Better still, give them an exquisite piece of jewellery or the latest electronic gadget. You may also give the Taurus these lotions and potions as hampers, and they will be floored. The Zodiac of Taurus rules neck and throat, and hence, necklaces, earring, scarves and other accessories, as well as clothing items, associated with these body parts, will appeal to your Taurus lover. So, decided on some valentines day gifts ideas yet? Are you still single? Know from our Expert Astrologers when will you find your true love.


gemini gift idea


Variety is the spice of life, the Gemini believe this firmly! Besides, it is quite likely that what the Gemini likes one moment, he/ she may dislike it the next. So, the best gift for your Gemini lover would be an exciting pack of a variety of big, small gifts. And since you know them the best, it is up to you to ensure that the things are balanced out well. Remember that there's no need to burn a hole in your pocket, winks Ganesha. Gemini can be confusing at times, but they are not very difficult to please. They love intellectual stimulation, and enjoy deep valuable conversation with people. So, gifting them a mobile phone is a great Valentine's Day idea! Club it with a book, keeping in mind their choice, and you may see your Valentine's Day getting better. Holiday packages, day trips, trekking and hiking outings also appeal to the restless Gemini soul. Plus, the Zodiac Gemini rules the collarbone, arms, hands and lungs, and therefore rings, wrist-watches, shirts, coats, tops, gloves, bracelets etc can be added in your valentines day gifts bag. will definitely make good valentine gifts for your Gemini. Check whether the bond between You and Your Partner is magical or ordinary.


cancer gift idea


The emotional and sentimental Cancer hold thoughtful gifts and loving gestures very close to their hearts. If your beloved is a Cancer, make sure to give him or her something that is an expression of your unconditional love, for it will help them feel mentally secure about the relationship. A photo album or a well-made collage of your pictures, attractively wrapped to perfection, along with a personalised note on the top will make the tender Cancer soul go weak in the knees. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you want the things to get a little playful, you can also give your crabby Crab something quirky and out-of-the-box gifts, and they shall love it. For, they know that the thought matters, and to give something different. The home loving Cancer also possess a strong association with food, kitchen and hearth, so cook books, exotic food hampers, fruit teas, baskets stuffed with myriad baking/ cooking stuff, smart utensils, home appliances, hand-made utility items, lamps, decorative artefacts all make for excellent valentines day gifts. They all will re-establish your love and commitment and your will to create a home with them – so very important for Cancer. And if there are issues with your loved ones, check Your Yearly Love And Relationship Horoscope for better Guidance.


leo gift idea


Here come the regal Lions! Now, if wooing the Leo is on your priority list this Valentine's Day, you will need some thinking-on-your-feet ability. However well prepared you may be, be sure that you will be floored with a surprise question or an unexpected demand. The Lions like to be treated as kings, for they, rightfully or not, believe themselves to be just that – and, why not give in to their demands, when pleasing them is your need, winks Ganesha. First and foremost, buy quality stuff, and secondly supplement this with an opportunity for some form of amusement or a smart outdoor activity. Gift them an all-expenses paid, expensive holiday to an upmarket resort, but not somewhere secluded! Leo likes to be seen, noticed and envied. Thus, tickets to a gig, invitation to a socialite party or an extravagant yet classy designer thing – will win you brownie points. Add champagne or expensive wine, huge flower arrangements and a beautifully dressed you to the menu – with generous doses of praises for the Lion – and be ready to be reciprocated rather very very well. Ensure Your Valentines Date turns out to be perfect? We will help you by bringing some Dating ideas based on your Zodiac Signs!


virgo gift idea


The perfectionists of the Zodiac, the Virgo are analytical and meticulous in their approach to everything. This trait of theirs also makes them very demanding, and thus pleasing them, if not difficult, still requires effort. The practical, earthy Virgos do not trust everyone easily, so you need time and effort, if you want them to fall for you, reminds Ganesha. On Valentine's Day, you will not only need to appeal to their practical, sorted side, but also to a well-hidden tender and caring one. Learn to make a Virgo relax in your company, and they will love you. They are quite self-conscious, and need coaxing partners to bring out their fun side. And although, stuff like digital diaries, gadgets, calendars, stationery, tool kits, other practical stuff may not seem romantic enough as Valentine's Day gifts, they are sure to touch a chord with your Virgo lover. Besides, if you show that you have put in some thought and effort to zero on a perfect gift for them, they will be all smiles. If you still can't think of anything to gift this sorted lover, take them for an all-expenses paid shopping excursion! Valentine’s Day Origin - Know the Story behind the day of Love.


libra gift idea


Does Libra love romance? Well, in all its hues and colours, with all the frills attached and in all its manifestations – romance makes the world for the Libra! It is the essence of their lives. They may not show it outwardly, what with their balanced streak taking over and all, but you, being their lover, will have to know and honour this need of theirs. If you want to please and keep them, that is, smiles Ganesha. Pull all stops this Valentine's Day, and be rest assured that they will be reciprocated equally. Shower your Libra love with affection, bring them sophisticated, stylish stuff and do add generous doses of all the pinks and fluff – the scented candles, the fragrances, balloons, teddies et al, and you will make their day. The gifts need not be expensive or flashy, but they have to be unique, beautiful and most importantly appeal to the Libra's aesthetic sense. Limited edition items, intricately-carved jewellery, perfumes, spa vouchers, home décor items will all do well. You may have doubts in your love life. Problems with your partner? Get all the answers of perplexing issues in your love relationship here


scorpio gift idea


The Scorpio makes for an intense, passionate and demanding lover, the one who craves undivided attention of his or her partner. A Valentine's Day gift that would speak volumes of your love, affection and respect for your Scorpio lover would be ideal in this context. The Scorpio is not a game for over-the-top display of affection and extravagant gifts, though, and you will do well to keep that in mind, reminds Ganesha. Truth is that as long as your eyes are only for them, they are fine with whatever gifts you give them. Nevertheless, it helps to know that these sensual and intuitive beings have a special liking for perfumes, exotic meals, suspense-thriller novels, jewellery, jewel tones in anything and expensive red wines. Hence, buy one or more of these, in any order, to make your and your Scorpio lover's Valentine's Day special. Note that Scorpio is the Sign of love, so if you know your Scorpio partner quite well already, you may even dare and get an intimate present for him or her. It is not easy to match a Scorpio's standards when it comes to love and passion. What colour outfit should you wear on Valentine’s day based on your zodiac sign?


sagittarius gift idea


Impulsive, fun and freedom-loving, Sagittarius loves to go with the flow, waiting patiently to see what happens next. With a Sagittarius beloved, your life can be one big party, provided you like it. And, if you have to have to please your Archer love, you will have to. The Archers love meeting people, trying new things and exploring exotic locales. If you have enough money to spend, take your Sagittarius beloved to a vacation to a beautiful place – your hotel need not be very luxurious – but it has to have that open and adventurous feel. And, you don't have to worry about the last minute refusals – for a Sagittarius will love the thrill of a surprise vacation, and would, in all likelihood, agree. After all, the Sagittarius is an eternal wanderer. Apart from this, you can also gift your Sagittarius love gifts, which will help him understand different cultures, learn new things and improve his overall personality. To make this Valentine's Day more romantic, sort out your love issues, if any. Are you the lucky one to get married in 2021?


capricorn gift idea


In love with a Capricorn? Well, then you can relax and have fun, for the Capricorn will not expect a lot from you – in terms of material gifts and expansive gestures of your ardent love – well, at least he will never admit it. The Capricorn sensibilities are all about genuineness and constancy, and most of them are not likely to see Valentine's Day as a one-off occasion for the vast displays of love. So, you can please them rather easily, you see. Since they are not expecting much, even a little, but a real gesture will help you touch a chord with them. Plus, when the initial shyness of the capricious Goat wanes, they can be really chilled-out as partners. Touch their core with a gift with a hint of nostalgia, of a shared memory, and they will be floored. If you want to go all out, bring them some classy yet good quality, practical stuff – stylish bags, classic jewels, rare wines, pens, wrist watches – and your day shall be, truly and well, made. You will get equally valentines day gifts in return, assures Ganesha. And if there are some issues, handle them well with effective remedial solutions.


aquarius gift idea


Choose something unusual with an element of surprise to it, for your intellectual and witty Aquarius mate will love the idea of something out-of-the-box. The Aquarius love to read and study, and pay close attention to their surroundings and news updates. Also, most of them love to travel and learn about different cultures and lifestyles. Some creative valentines day gifts would work amazingly well for them. It is quite possible that your Aquarius lover too has a habit of noting things down and writing anecdotes in his or her free time. Hence, writing material, books, travel gifts and communication as well as electronic gadgets will make excellent Valentine's Day gifts. If you want to gift them an apparel, buy them a dress that would take them to the best of the parties or the one that will help them stand out from the crowd – and they shall be all charm in return. Keep in mind that ordinary, mundane doesn't hold much place in this modern soul – they may not say anything upfront, but they will not be as happy! Be creative, and give valentines day gifts that are something artistic, new or modern. No matter how smooth your love life may be at the moment, some problems will arise sooner or later. To get instant Solutions for Love & relationship issues, Ask an expert!


pisces gift idea


Sensitive dreamer of the Zodiac, the Pisces love and whole-heartedly appreciate the fact that someone went all out and made an effort to choose and bring them a gift. Wow! That makes things quite easy for you. No? Not really, because Pisces will be full of gratitude when you bring them any gift, but they will be full of love, only if they bring them a refined, thoughtful gift. See, there's a difference! Add a personal touch to your gift, and things shall get even more charming. How will you do that? Add a personal, love-note to your gift, draw a little face on it, put in a hand-made greeting card – anything – put your imagination and creativity to the best use, hints Ganesha. Remember that for your Pisces, it's the thought that counts. Chocolates, flowers, bath and body products, essential oils, perfumes, cute knick knacks – all shall be kept in the list of valentines day gifts to this sensual, soft and emotional lover. Last but not the least, you can also give him/ her a marine-themed gift. A precious stone would also be a good idea. Gift your darling Pisces a gemstone that will make their life better, Consult with Experts to know which gemstone you should give them. You may also visit the Store section to buy authentic gemstones directly.


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On an ending note, hope you got the best valentine's day gift ideas for your soulmate. Overall, Valentines day gifts are meant to be super special. No questions asked. We also wish you all that you would give best valentine's day gifts for wife, husband, and soulmates.


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