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Types Of Shivling And Puja Of Different Shivling

Types Of Shivling And Puja Of Different Shivling

Lord Shiva Shankar, who wears the fierce venomous Vasuki, absorbs ashes and wears dispassion, is the only God who also discharges the life of the planet. Those who have the moon on their heads and the mother Ganga in their hair, they are going to be pleased with the true devotion of Lord Shiva Shankar devotees. Lord Shiva is worshiped with very easily available ingredients like pure water, bilva leaves and dhatura. Lord Shiva is one of the biggest source of inspiration for a householder’s life. Lord Shiva is worshiped in the form of Shivling, it is believed that Shivling is the symbol of all the cosmic powers of the world. According to Vedic astrology, many different types of Shivling should be worshiped for the fulfillment of different worldly desires. Know for which wish the Shivling made of which material should be worshipped-

1. Parad Shivling

Parad Shivling is very powerful and bright Shivling. According to astrologers, worshiping Shiva lingam made of Parad i.e. pure mercury brings peace, good luck and progress in life. Keeping Parad Shivling in home, shop or office increases the flow of positive energy in these places.

2. Mishri Shivling

Worshiping the Shivling made of sugar candy gives freedom from many types of physical diseases and pains. According to Shiva Purana, regular worship of Shivling made of sugar candy gets rid of incurable diseases and develops resistance.

3. Gooseberry Shivling

By doing Rudrabhishek of Shivling made of gooseberry, one gets freedom from the cycle of life and death. Along with this, it is also used for some tantric activities.

4. Shivling of barley-wheat and rice

People desirous of having children should worship the Shivling by mixing equal quantity of barley, wheat and rice with its flour. By doing this all the problems related to child birth are solved.

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5. Bhasma Shivling

Worshiping the Shivling made from the ashes of the Yagya gives many accomplishments. Most of the Aghori and people related to Tantra Kriya worship Bhasma Shivling.

6. Flower Shivling

Worshiping the Shivalinga made of flowers helps to solve the problems related to property. Worshiping the Shivalinga of the flower daily increases wealth and wealth.

7. Lahsuniya Shivling

Worshiping the Shivling made of garlic gives you victory over your enemies, and fulfills all your wishes.

8. Shivling made of curd

After keeping the curd tied in a cloth, making a Shivling from the remnants and worshiping it gives happiness, prosperity and wealth.

9. Rhinestone Shiva Linga

Worshiping the Shivling made of crystals fulfills all your wishes and develops your abilities.

10. Pearl Shivling

Worship of Shivling made of pearls is very beneficial for married women. According to astrology, worship of Shivling made of pearls increases the happiness of women. On the other hand, worshiping Shivalinga made of gold gives happiness and prosperity.

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