Turns, twists and trends of April 2008

At the onset of April 2008, Mercury, the ruler of business, communication and intellect is moving to fiery sign Aries. Mars continues moving ahead in Cancer. Venus enters Detrimental Sign Aries and Saturn takes backward steps by its retrogression in Virgo.

By and large, this month comes with establishment of new relationships, new business meetings, tours and travels. Moreover, it brings lots of fluctuations on the emotional front. Turbulent relationships are likely to meet with some concrete outcomes. Lonely hearts may stumble upon some good partners. This month denotes affairs related to home and house both. In your personal and professional affairs, there may be some conflicts between your head and heart.

Many people may feel low energy but some may also feel highly creative and charged up! All this is because of changes happening in heavens. April is the month of lots of changes and new beginnings; but would everyone experience the same? Would everyone get satisfactory salary hike? Are you going to remain tied up with various activities or are you just going to wait for the opportunity which would not feature at all? Will everything be fine and fruitful or will you be left behind in fast race of life? Astrology has answers to all such questions.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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