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Tsunami alerts – technology creates trauma

Tsunami alerts – technology creates trauma

Imagine yourself lying down at any seashore in Thailand. You are on a relaxed weekend, free from all the tensions. Sun is shining bright in the sky and you feel that this is one of the `blessed’ moments of life.

Suddenly, there is a dark cloud overshadows all your desires and dreams.an alarm rings. No no, this is not your wrist watch or mobile alert. This is TSUNAMI ALERT.

You would obviously leave all your belongings and run for your life. You won’t even remember Beatle’s song “You better run for your life if you can” as you are really worried about this disaster taking you off for a long drive in the deep sea.

Now, there is a twist in the story. While your heartbeats settle or palpitations are in control, there is enlightenment that this was FALSE ALEART!!! Ganesha bets you would throw your Ray Ban glasses in the sand and say `Darn, this is not done. Don’t worry about the glasses, they won’t break but who would crack this mystery? Were these alerts correct? No. Ok then who rang the bell? A man? A Woman? Or it was just a technical fault?

While government is trying to find answers to all these questions, Ganesha wishes to dwell on this with magnifying glass of `Astrology’.

Let’s first understand some important characteristics of planets which will help us understand this better.

Sun = confidence, glory, government, power, esteem, Karma

Moon = Mind, event, water, emotions, flow of a matter
Mars = Aggression, Anger, Drive, Force to work in Right Direction, Impulse, technology, Machines
Mercury = Logic, Analysis, Intellect
Jupiter = Counselling, Guidelines, Good-will
Venus = Love, Art, entertainment and leisure activities Saturn = Discipline, Sadness, Constrains
Rahu (North Node or Dragon’s Head) = Illusion, Obstacles, Separation out of conflicts
Ketu (South Node or Dragon’s Tail) = Thirst, Sacrifice, Separation to let go and be relieved, disillusionNow let’s study the case. The analysis is based on Vedic System of Astrology. Following is explanation of planetary positions on the day when alerts were triggered.Sun, which rules fear, was in debilitated Navmansha (D/9) thus weak so indicates low self-esteem and fear both.

Moon the significator of mind was in opposition to Mercury the signifactor of logic so someone’s logic and analysis is involved in the matter.

As Moon is in Sagittarius the sign which indicates religion and goodwill, this was selfless deed, involving no personal benefit.

signifies Machines and Technology. It was at 29 degree which is considered as critical degree in astrological terms, where it has almost lost its power but it’s trying to give some result. This also indicates high-impulse phase.

was in its own sign Gemini. The Symbol of this sign is `Twins’. This indicates duality and confusion both, specifically in the matters where logic and analysis is involved.

is not involved with the matter much but it aspects Sun so it will lead government in the right path for this matter but not now, after 6th August 2007, as Jupiter is in retrograde motion at present.

Venus is hammed between Saturn (Sadness, constraints) and Ketu (Sacrifice). So people had to sacrifice their pleasure on that day.

is passing through Debilitated Navmansha (D/9) so even if government is able to find the fault, it may take sometime to set the system in proper order.

and Ketu are powerful being Vargottami at present (they are in their own signs as per Navmansha chart) so the illusion and disillusion.

This was too technical nevertheless, let’s try and create a story out of planetary pictures given above.

Ganesha feels that this has happened due to two major reasons. One is, there is
some fault in the machinery or mechanism set to indicate alert. So someone, who has designed the system may need to rectify this and only he/she can solve this. Another factor, this whole issue is outcome of `subconscious fear’ so wherever alerts are manual and not automated, guards or supervisors might have pressed the button out of `fright’.

Ganesha is assured that after mid of August 2007, Thai Government will be able
to find the root of the matter and fix the problem.

For now, there is nobody or nothing to blame as this is not part of `fire-cell’ programme concept shown in the `Die Hard 4′.

Ganesha wishes good luck to all involved in this matter for rectification of the problem.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,