Travel Itinerary customised to suit myriad Zodiac Signs' tastes!



that time of the year again! Festivity is in the air. The weather is
beautiful, and the Christmas and New Year vacation is round the
corner. Pop a champagne, let the wine flow, party till the wee hours
or pack your bags and zip, zap, zoom to your favourite destination.
Celebrate your New Year Eve in style at your preferred resort or
surprise your beloved with an all expenses paid, romantic exotic


Before you confirm your travel plans and book your tickets, find out
what enamours your loved one the most. Each zodiac sign has a unique
choice when it comes to escaping to a travel destination. While some
may love getting away to a serene, cut-off from rest of the world,
breezy island, others may prefer to soak in the culture, as they set
off with their darling. What will your partner prefer? Read on to
find out....


Aries ticks off destinations from their must-visit check-list, they
make it a point to add a dash of romance to their escapade. Be it a
week-long tour of the English countryside, or an impromptu road-trip
of the scenic French Riviera, they infuse the journey with dollops of
enthusiasm and curiosity. Historical sights also find a place on
their list; from the temples of Khajuraho to the archaeological ruins
of Rome, they will squeeze every ounce of culture out of every place
they visit. Trekking through the Himalayas, skiing in Auli,
para-sailing in Goa, or rafting down the Ganges in Rishikesh ?
adventure sports not only give them an adrenaline rush, but also give
them a glimpse of the natural beauty of a country.

is definitely the key word when Taurus is planning a holiday. You can
see their eyes light up at the mention of castles in Europe, the
alluring palaces in Jaipur, or the ancestral properties in the by
lanes of Goa. A holiday filled with art, music, dance, fine dining,
and rejuvenating spas, is right up their alley. They plan getaways
with great precision, and are instantly attracted to a destination
that is able to blend natural beauty with a laid-back culture and a
touch of class. Indian metropolises like Mumbai and New Delhi will be
as alluring to them as the uber chic islands of New York and Spain.
Their idea of a holiday is a time when they need pampering, so a
luxurious cruise could be on the itinerary as well.


to their nature, Gemini always wants to be in two places at the same
time. The concept of hopping cities is not alien to them, so they may
find themselves waking up one weekend in a suburb of London, lunching
in a pizzeria in Naples, and partying the night away in Paris. This
routine may sound dizzying to another person, but Gemini will achieve
it with a snap of their fingers. They are extremely meticulous with
their planning, and have things down to the finest detail. They are
attracted to cities that exude culture, like Goa, Udaipur or
Pondicherry. At the same time, quiet unassuming towns like Nainital,
Darjeeling, or Amritsar may also give them a chance to rediscover


Cancer anywhere near water, and be assured they will then be lost to
the world for eternity. Of course, they need to have their loved ones
in tow when they plan a boat-ride along the backwaters of Kerala, a
houseboat stay on Dal Lake in Srinagar, or a gondola ride in the
Venetian canals. They are partial to destinations that allow them to
explore their roots, and would love to spend time in their ancestral
towns and heritage cities like Rome and Varanasi, tracing the history
of their origin. A romantic interlude with their partner is essential
for their survival, as they thrive on the exchange of sweet nothings
and quality time when their minds are at peace.

matter what is said about Leo's energy levels, words will fall short
to describe the intensity and sheer enthusiasm with which they
approach life. Flamboyance is their middle name, and they love
everything that is dramatic and larger than life. Which is why they
connect instantly with metros like London, Paris, Vegas, and
Singapore which have a life of their own and are tourist havens.
There is a wild side to Leos that lies deep under the suave side, a
fact that is more than evident in their desire to visit wildlife
reserves like Corbett, Kanha, Bandhavgarh. They love life, and that
reflects in their desire to pack everything into their day. A
deep-rooted need to be pampered is apparent in everything they do.


perfect trip for Virgo would be one where they can relax in the
knowledge that the details of that exotic vacation they were planning
have already fallen into place. They are practical intellectuals, who
have an eye for detail, and are appreciative of places where they
observe similar finesse. The sheer class of a city like Boston or San
Francisco may take their breath away, but they are not immune to the
charms of the nondescript towns of Chandigarh, Lucknow, and Agra.
They love learning and places that house cultural or educational
centres provide the perfect fodder for their needs, as do places that
pander to their senses through fine dining, rejuvenating spas, and
wine-tasting sessions.




fine sense of the arts dictates their choice in most things, so it is
not rare to find them at an art exhibition, a musical concert, or a
theatrical performance. They fancy cities with an old world charm
like Vienna, Turkey, and Scotland where they can absorb the romance
in the air. Natural splendours are on their wish-list too, as they
yearn to visit places like the Grand Canyon, the Colorado springs,
and the Niagara Falls. There is an accent of style in everything they
do. Their fine sensibilities make them equally attracted to rustic
beauty in its purest form, like the locales of Shimla and Manali, and
to refined natural lushness like Vancouver and Ireland, where they be
one with nature.



take their getaways very seriously; nothing can disturb their peace
of mind once they leave work behind, not even the most urgent phone
call. The key word for them on holidays is private, and they will
happily take off to islands like Kohsamui or Ibiza, to get a taste of
sand, sun, and surfing. All they need to have a slice of heaven is
their loved ones beside them, but a vibrant night-life and water
sports like para-sailing, snorkelling, and deep sea diving will be
the icing on the cake. They also yearn for exotic destinations with
an aura of mystery and adventure about them; Morocco, Bali, or
Istanbul will afford them plenty of opportunities to satisfy their


their irrepressible sense of adventure and their eternal quest for
excitement, Sagittarius' can be the most interesting travel
companions. They have absolutely no snooty requirements on a holiday,
and are as comfortable spending the night in a tent on a desert in
Jaisalmer as they are in a luxurious four-poster bed in a five-star
property in Maldives. The idea is to pack their trip with fun
activities, ranging from cycling through the bylanes of Goa, to going
hot air ballooning in Cappadocia. Anywhere they can see nature in all
its glory is sure to tug at their heart strings, so the pristine
beauty of Leh-Ladakh, the starry skies of Panchgani, and the balmy
breeze of the French Riviera will leave them captivated.



there's one sign that wants a pampered vacation, it's Capricorn.
Whether it's soaking in the elegance and uber chicness of metros like
London, New York, and Paris, or savouring the culture curry of
Jaipur, Mumbai, and Delhi, they want a finger in every pie, and they
will do it in style. They have excellent taste, and will select a
place that can cater to their needs, irrespective of the price tag
attached. Expect no adventurous escapades when they are involved in
the holiday planning committee, but sit back and watch the first rate
experience unfold. There may be no wild night out on the streets, but
who needs that when you have the most glorious view of Manhattan from
a four-poster bed in the Hilton?



sign that's magnetically attracted to water, Aquarius is an adventure
buff from the word go. From bungee jumping in Rishikesh, to scuba
diving in the Andamans and skydiving in New Zealand, these
pleasure-seekers will try anything once. They try to keep things the
interest meter up by ensuring they do something unique each time.
While they love being in the water, they are drawn into numerous
activities the minute they hit land too. Adding a local flavour to
the trip is mandatory, so they will often be found sampling the
regional cuisine, picking up funky mementos, or chatting up the
locals. Trust them to sneak out nuggets of information on the best
places to visit, or the most lip-smacking food.



there is talk of a cruise along serene tranquil waters or a long
drive along a picturesque sea coast, you can be sure Pisces is along
for the ride. Anything that soothes their sensitive souls, or gives
them the freedom to express themselves in their own relaxed style, is
sure to rank high on their must do list. Take them on a night-cruise
in Singapore, or a moonlit walk by the beaches at Kovalam, and see
them let go of their inhibitions. This dreamy romantic is happiest in
places that blend a sea scape with a laid-back culture and arty
shopping like Hawaii, Goa, and Langkawi. Once they soak in their
indoor jacuzzi and take a leisurely swim in their private pools,they
are ready to take on the world.




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