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Travel by Sun Signs

Travel by Sun Signs

This time, Ganesha will explain what kind of tour is preferred by each Sun sign.


Arians would check the climate before making a move. If they are triggered to something, it is difficult to divert them. They would prefer hop from here to there and learn little about lot of things quickly. Arians can do without company, but in a group everyone should agree to what our Arian commander says! They come back home and have `story telling session’ with friends and family members about how adventurous the trip was. Read free Aries daily horoscope


Taureans prefer good hotels, delicious meals and entertainment at the end of the day. Make sure that your pockets are full of cash to treat dear Taurean. Ganesha notes that Taureans would always carry maps and travel books. Their plans and schedules are merely unchangeable, once decided. You can find safety and security with a Taurean, as they would always have sturdy bag, well-managed luggage and safety lock too! Read free Taurus daily horoscope


Weekend getaways and retreats are made for Twins. Well read Geminies seek for intellectual stimulation on tours. They would meet different cultures and try to learn as much as they can in given time. Twins need company, as they always want someone to talk to! Gemini’s travel bag would be as light as `Air’ element of their sign filled with pocket guide, maps and other necessary aids. Read free Gemini daily horoscope


Cancerians prefer staying back home but if they travel, may choose place closer to home. They prefer to go out with family members. They will make homelike atmosphere wherever they go. Crabs may also carry necessary things for their comforts such as their lovely blanket and pillow! They are good at setting agenda for the trip. They may prefer to visit a castle or fort near seashore or riverbank. Read free Cancer daily horoscope


Stylist and elegant Lions will travel in best vehicle available. Their trips will always be well organized and planned. They have fixed purpose for each journey. They may require company to make them feel special and royal too, so friends who can praise, can join Leos. They will spend lavishly to make the trip better. Generally will carry all credit and debit cards along, without worrying much about the payment of the bill or interest rates! Read free Leo daily horoscope


Intelligent and well-planned, Virgos will have fixed schedule for everything, right from `wake up call’ to the `campfire’ at night. They will help you gather good knowledge at various places you visit with them. They would visit Museums and old forts or cathedrals to stimulate their investigating mindset. Research being their main subject, they will make many notes while visiting each place. Read free Virgo daily horoscope


Librans are very cautious about their image and impression on others and they are good caretakers as well. They will readily agree to travel the way you want and make your trip memorable with lovely moments. They love luxury so you can expect to have night stay in good hotels with delicious and expensive food. Every Libran thinks that his company should be worth for the partner so you are lucky if you have Libran partner in tour.
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Scorpions like to voyage to any place but mysterious the better. Ganesha notes that Scorpions would love `inner travel’, as they are always interested in occult and spiritualism. They can spend money like water if they are really charmed about a particular suspicious and mysterious land. Nazca Lines, Giza, Old Indian Temples, Cathedral of Notre Dame may satisfy typical Scorpion curiosity tremendously. Read free Scorpio daily horoscope


Born explorer, Sagittarians may love expedition, be it Mount Everest or search of Atlantic – The Lost Continent. Archers love to gather philosophical and cultural knowledge throughout the trip. Archers cannot simply travel for fun, but for Discovery. Others may find difficult cope up with Sagittarian’s strong drive for discovery so they might have to travel alone, nevertheless Sagittarians would not mind being unaccompanied, as they are very targeted and clear about their objective. Read free Sagittarius daily horoscope


Well-organized and hard working, Capricornians can not do without little bit of hard work even when they are travelling. Of course, trip with an elegant Capricornian can be fun. Don’t be surprised if they have some business plans clubbed with the tour, as they are very much business minded. By taking good responsibilities during the tour, they may make others feel relaxed. Read free Capricorn daily horoscope


Opportunist Aquarians can travel for social or humanitarian purpose, but they love to plan for `fun trips’ too. They are generally seen in groups but they love to plan and want others to follow their plans, if others don’t, they may prefer to be lonesome. Being Air Sign, they need to be fascinated wherever they go. Astonishing experiences can make their trips valuable and worth but secondary grade and simple experiences may not help Aquarian stimulation at all. Read free Aquarius daily horoscope


Pisceans are hardly demanding or inflexible while on the tour, as they believe in going with the flow, being watery element. Make sure that Piscean doesn’t have command of the trip because generally they are lost in fantasies and don’t find the way to target. Always lost in dreams, Pisceans may nurture you well and give you very sooth feeling all the while. On the other hand, they may love mental or spiritual travel; you should take them to Tibet, India, Africa or Greece where spiritualism and mysticism is in the air! Read free Pisces daily horoscope

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,