Transiting Sun through Capricorn 15th January 2008 to 13th February 2008

King of Universe – Mighty Sun will enter Capricorn on 15th January 2008, soon after the midnight. Solar Ingress in Earth and Cardinal Sign tells you that you need to cultivate patience. You may remain self controlled and persistent in your activities. It is also time to achieve heights, but does your horoscope promise the same? If your destiny, guided by your birth chart, clicks on the success button, your major projects are nearing the stage of completion.

This is a very potent period during which you will have great clarity of purpose. You may be firm in the decisions that you take. You may not wish to look back but will start climbing the rock to reach the peak! Your approach to everything will be very serious especially to your business.

Often such periods are good for floating a new company or launching something different and extra-ordinary altogether. If you tend to act on your emotions and not your reasons, you need to remember that your head is above your heart. You would not think twice even if you have to take harsh decisions. You will be highly concious about your social image as well. Some may achieve heights and some may see the tough times, everything depends on horoscope of an individual. So what is in store for you? What kind of changes you may greet during this period? Would you be comfortable with these changes? Ganesha has answers to all such questions.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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