Thursday Remedy to Get All Success and Happiness of Life

Most popular and very effective Thursday Remedy is a small ritual makes your wish come true which resolve your problem within short period & bring more success and happiness in your life.

Most Popular, very effective Thursday Remedy by HIRAV SHAH - Celebrity Astrologer - Research Professional is to get solution for each kind of general problems like business, job, love, marriage, education, health, baby issue, immigrations etc. And main thing is its an inexpensive remedy to get rid of from your any kind of problem.

This valuable remedy is possible only on Thursday morning 6-30am.


1)  On Thursday after taking bath before 6:20 am, take blank A4 size whitepaper
     with red pen at sharp 6:30 am.
2)  Write down below info about your problem on the middle of page

Name :

For example,

Name:     ABC
Problem: Since last 10 years, I am struggling in my business & not getting desire
Wish:      I want success in my business with good profit margin which can give me
              financial peace level.

Imp Note: Don't try it more then one problem per family till 6 months

3)  After writing your problem on paper, fold your paper & place it into temple as per
     below instructions

  • First fold it from bottom to top then left to right.........fold it alternate way 6 times....
  • Put that folded paper at your temple or where you placed your God at home.
  • While putting that paper in front of GOD, try to speak your problem and wish in your mind.
  • Don't forget to finish this whole process of presenting your problem/wish to GOD before 6:40am.

4)  After putting your paper in front of GOD, buy 1 Orange and give it to one of your
     family members before 9 am and tell them to eat it before 9 am same day.

     - Also while giving Orange, speak about your problem and wish in
       your mind..........

5)  See the amazing result of this remedy by having your problem resolved as per
     your wish in 6 days,6 weeks,6 months...etc

     All the best for your solution......God Bless U all.

If you find with your own experience this remedy is real effective for your case, please don't forget to share/circulate your experience to your friends & relatives by circulating this valuable remedy for their well being.

If you have any query/concern for this remedy you can contact our Celebrity Astrologer Mr. Hirav Shah.

Ganesha's Grace
Hirav Shah
Celebrity Astrologer